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A designer has come up with an exquisite concept for a wearable Sony computer which packs the portability of a smartphone with the power of a PC.
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With the pace at which technology is becoming a critical part of our lives, it is no wonder that we see new tablet, smartphone or computer designs every other day. And, our hunger for something new, something more is increasing exponentially. At this pace, even the thinnest, slickest smartphones may fail to satiate our hunger in the coming days. Does is mean that devices such as this wearable Sony computer envisioned by a designer are inevitable?

Sony wrist computer concept  1

The concept of this wearable computer is exquisite and very creative. In one single device, the designer has envisioned the answer to most of our needs.

For instance, what is easier to carry around than a nifty, tiny computer wrapped like a watch around your wrist? And to top that, it has awesome looks too! Such a device is even more convenient to carry than a smartphone.

Besides, it is much more than a smartphone – it’s a complete computer. You simply unwrap it from your wrist and lay it down and it instantly becomes a PC. This is possible because it comprises of a flexible OLED touchscreen which can be wrapped like wrist-watch as well as straightened like a tablet display.

If having all controls on the touchscreen bothers you, you can always pull an ultra-sleek keyboard out of it and type to your heart’s fill. Moreover, it also packs a projector which can create a holographic image right in front of you. This means that you can watch movies and videos on the go and even do your work in a truly professional way, not on the rather small touchscreen.

The design has been envisioned by Hiromi Kiriki and he believes that the device may hit the shelves sometime around 2020. We fervently look forward to such a gadget and hope that such a device would finally eliminate the need to have a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone all separately, something which is quite cumbersome.

Sony wrist computer concept  1
Sony wrist computer concept 2
Sony wrist computer concept  3
Sony wrist computer concept  4
Sony wrist computer concept  5
Sony wrist computer concept  6
Sony wrist computer concept 7
Sony wrist computer concept  8

Source: Yanko Design

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