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The White House is calling for innovators around the nation to come forward and express their interests to work as Presidential Innovation Fellows.

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The new Presidential Innovation Fellows that is supposed to bring top innovators from outside government for focused “tours of duty” with the country’s best federal innovators on game-changing projects has been launched. Combining the know-how of citizen change agents and government change agents in small, agile teams that move at high speed, these projects aim to deliver significant results within six months. The White House is calling for innovators around the nation to come forward and express their interests.

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This might be one of the coolest initiatives of the Obama Administration as they have decided to kick off the program. The intention is to save taxpayers money, fuel job creation, and improve the return government is delivering to the American people. They have listed 5 programs. The White House blog states the 5 five programs as follows.

The Open Data Initiatives Program: This program aims to stimulate a rising tide of entrepreneurship that uses data from governmental and non-governmental sources to create tools that can help Americans better navigate their world, such as by finding the right health care provider, identifying the college that provides the best value for their money, saving money on electricity bills through smarter energy shopping, keeping their families safe by knowing which products have been recalled, and much more. Building upon prior success stories in which entrepreneurial innovators built amazing products based on the release of weather, GPS, and health-related data, this program will speed and expand the release of government data and voluntarily-contributed private-sector data in machine-readable form in realms including health, education, energy, safety, the nonprofit sector, and personal finance. Through ideation workshops, codeathons, and “datapaloozas” that showcase the best innovations, the program will actively stimulate the creation of new apps and services by creative entrepreneurs– improving the lives of Americans in many tangible ways and creating jobs of the future at the same time. For more, visit Whitehouse.

Blue Button for America: This initiative will seek to expand nationwide adoption of Blue Button, a capability that enables consumers to securely download electronic copies of their own health information. It will create tools that make adoption and operation of Blue Button even easier by public-sector and private-sector organizations, and also stimulate the development of new apps and services by entrepreneurs that can help consumers use Blue Button data to improve their health and care. To know more, visit Whitehouse.

MyGov: This project will reimagine the relationship between the Federal Government and citizens by rapidly prototyping a streamlined, intuitive online system that Americans can use to easily access the right information and services for them from across the U.S. Government and also provide feedback about their interactive experience. More details at Whitehouse.

RFP-EZ: This project will develop a process and a platform that makes it easier for the Federal Government to procure innovative technology solutions from small, high-growth companies. This will enable more startups to access the government marketplace, fueling job growth, and will also result in the adoption of lower-cost, higher-impact IT solutions by agencies, saving taxpayers money and improving results delivered. For more information, visit Whitehouse.

The 20% Campaign: This USAID-led initiative seeks to create a system that enables US Government programs to seamlessly move away from making cash payments to support foreign policy, development assistance, government operations, or commercial activities and transition to using electronic payment mechanisms such as mobile devices, smart cards, and other methods. Moving from cash to electronic payment promises to reduce waste and administrative costs while simultaneously improving outcomes significantly. For further details, visit Whitehouse.

At present, the White House is looking for about 15 innovators who are interested in coming to Washington, DC, for 6-12 month Fellowships. The work on these projects are supposed to begin in July.

If you think yourself as an accomplished innovator and eligible for one of the above five projects, then this is the golden opportunity for you. Apply for to be a Presidential Innovation Fellow at www.whitehouse.gov/innovationfellows and they’ll send you an application. Just fill it up, submit it and try your luck. All the best!

Source : Whitehouse

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