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Many people can not remember person’s names, some can’t even remember faces. As we Can’t put a name to face! Faces an app aims to solve this problem. By using the application you can train your memory to easily connect the right names with the right faces. Jeroen de Leeuw a passionate application Developer has been release Faces App for both iPhone and Android devices. It is now available in the App Store and the Android Market.

Faces uses the contacts stored in your address book. Three ‘games’ are created by combining photos and information of your contacts to train your memory and help you to remember everyone you’ve added.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

This is a Business category apps and size for iOS device is 1.3 MB and for Android Device is 134k. This app is cost $0.99 in Apple app store and €0.79 in Android Market.

Our Review:
You just have to try this app. This works great in my iPhone 3GS. This app took a very little space in memory. I think this is effective for those who can not remember person’s names, or even remember faces. For this you need contacts with a photo in your address book. Additional information, like the birthday, the function or company of a contact. Lets checkout bellow how it works.
In the memory part there will be blank faces, there will be a face set from the contacts photo. Then you have to touch the blank faces and remember the place where you saw that face last time. Then find and match two photos and the name of the contact appears in your screen together with his/her enlarged photo. Checkout the screen-shorts bellow.


In this mode you are to name the person on the photo. A photo will appear with a selection of random names, pick the right one that match the contact name and face. If you are right for choosing the right person then you will get green signal and if wrong then red. Checkout the screen-shorts bellow.

Six photos are shown and you have to eliminate all but one of them based on information of the contact. Like you have to first set the Profession or Company information. Then Match the hint with the right person and remove the photos of the others. Checkout the screen-shorts bellow.

That is all about the game. This app is very helpful and force to remember the faces through gaming. So get this app to help you improve your ability to recall the names of important business contacts. Please share your comments.

iTunes App Store:
Android Market:

About Jeroen de Leeuw
Jeroen de Leeuw(Linkedin, Twitter) a passionate application Developer. His broad knowledge and background enable him to realize his innovative ideas and produce successful, high quality products.
He is currently working for Atos Origin, an international information technology corporation which operates in 40 countries worldwide, with over 50,000 employees.

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