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A new application has come for the iOS and android device owners named as Tango.It allows the “two groups” to video call each other or share what they see with the person on the other side of the line.

Video calls are free and you can use either 3G/4G or WiFi network for data. The application will work even on phones that don’t have a front-facing camera, allowing users to only share what they see.

Tango Features:
• Free video calling to your friends and family around the world, wherever you are
• Call between iPhone and other smartphones on 3G and Wi-Fi
• Populates Tango Contacts automatically from existing phone contact list
• Invite friends and others by e-mail or text
• Switch cameras and swap screens to show what is around you
• Move between video to audio and back to video
• Simple and easy to use
• Create an account in less than five seconds – New profile not required

It’s easy to turn video on and off during a Tango call. And in terms of a contact list, the application will populate it from your existing address book…

And that’s about it. If you want to take and make video calls with other Android/iPhone 4 users, download Tango. AppStore link is below, while Android smartphone owners will have to search for Tango in the Android Market.

Download Tango from here.

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  On October 4, 2010(3 years, 6 months ago.)
  • Arelys

    i dnt undrestand how to use it i installed the app invited my sister but its says she isnt registered even though she is??? can anyone help

  • Mr_excel2000

    i want to tango with a friend from my laptop to their phone is that possible

  • April_peoples

    why don’t I get a notification when I’m getting a call on tango

  • Bobbymaurizio

    is there a download for my pc for tango so i can use my webcam? or can i only use my phone?

  • sergio


    Maybe this will help –

  • sergio

    Currently Tango is working on providing the best experience possible for current iPhone and Android users before expanding support to other platforms, though there is definitely the ideas of adopting desktop client support in the future.

    You can make a feature request here –

    Here are some more useful Tango Links!


  • Jennyamagante

    I used to have an account at tango apps and eversince we change our phone but with the same number, we cannot open our tango account, it always say that ” Account Verification Required and if we go to the setting to save it still doesn’t go through and just keep on going back to account verification. What do we need to do? Our numbers are 8582541182 and 8588694783. please help us. we really do like tango apps.

  • Randall

    Hi Jenny,

    Please visit and ‘Submit a Request for Help’ . They will be able to reset your account for you.

  • Logawa65

    how come when i try to call another android phone using tango, It wont ring on the otherside if phone is sleeping?

  • Sexiimonkii

    Why when I try to download tango to my iPhone this message pops up saying Vertification riquierd? Isn’t it free? Please help

  • Trent Buck

    i dont understand how to use it. I installed the app, invited my wife but
    its says she isnt registered even though she is??? Can anyone please help?

  • Kitkongloo

    Ive download Tango to my pc recently but could not make a Tango connection to handphone are there any software to download?

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