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Callaway announced its next generation golf GPS device Callaway upro mx and this device offers touchscreen GPS to golfers.Callaway upro mx will continue where the original upro device left off and different from the rest would be the integration of intuitive technological advancements…….

Callaway Golf Company revealed its next generation golf GPS device, the Callaway upro mx. A successor to the Company’s acclaimed original upro device hich earned a Best of What’s New Award from Popular Science.Callaway upro mx sets a new standard for innovation in the category with a host of intuitive technological advancements. The device introduces a full-color Multi-Gesture Touch Screen and a precise Optical Finger Navigation system so golfers can easily navigate the deep feature set with the swipe of a finger.This device is pre-loaded with more than 25,000 courses from the Company’s global database.The upro mx allows golfers to use the GPS device’s offerings straight out of the package.Callaway upro mx is the only dedicated golf GPS system on the market that offers hi-resolution actual aerial photography of each golf course. Available in May for a new product introduction retail price of only $199.


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  On January 30, 2011(3 years, 2 months ago.)
  • Tomquick

    I have been waiting for this to come out after reading the reports in Jan. First release was postponed. new date was for May 23rd. i went to a major golf equipment store and they didn’t know if they would have it or not.

    Well I finally found a store that said they would have it. Store opens at 8AM. I was there at 8:05.

    Brought it home. Read the very few instructions supplied. Owners manual only available on line. Site not up yet.
    The power plug does nor fit into the unit. After fiddling with power cord a while finally get it to connect. Charging says 3 hours. After 6 hours still not charged completely.

    Took it to course, locks up.

    On line users manual available online. very confusing. Plenty of icons with no explanation what they do.

    Comes with basic and that is what it is, very basic.. To get the good features you have to buy the pro mode,

    i will be returning it ASAP.

  • Cbostic1

    i have just received the product and once I figure out the on user-friendly supposedly download screen, I think will like the product.  I had to update  Windows drivers to accomodate the product/device to install.  I have’t figured or see a proper download screen.  It doesn’ appear to be this one.  I am not worried because I believe Callaway will stand behind the product.

  • Philipesledge

    cannot establish sync  with calloowayuxplore

  • Chuck

    I purchased the UPRO MX on 5-27-2011. Really disapointed with this unit. Battery life is 2 hours. Draging feature to select desired golf courses does not work, can not scroll thru course index. Have not been able to use the GPS since I purchased it. User Guide is not much help. Lacks clear instructions. Took the GPS to Golf shop were I bought the UPRO MX. They were not schooled yet on how the unit worked, so could not help. Callaway Rep was in the store at the time, he was at unable to make the GPS work and thought it might be defective. E mailed Callaway support for help. A week has gone by and no reply received Callaway. Web site still not up for ProMode on this model. Callaway has released this equipment before it was ready for market. On the positive side, the box the GPS was packaged in was exceptional well designed and of high quality material. 6-7-11

  • NY Golfer

    UTTER FAILURE OF A DEVICE!! I am a die hard Callaway guy. I have a uPro and all Callaway clubs. I even hit iZ balls, and I must say, I pre-ordered the upro mx, and received it a week before the general release date with a note to “please not show the device until the actual release date” (yeah right!!). If I unplug the device at 9am for a 1pm tee time, I can’t complete an 18 hole round on the same charge. The device is VERY buggy. It freezes, goes to a sleep mode screen constantly, and will not keep score. Obviously the fact that the device has now been available for a month and there is no website to sync the device is ludicrous.
    I called Callaway and they said I should only charge the device with the USB plug and my computer, not directly to a receptacle (contrary to the “manual” which is just videos on the poorly  functioning device!). Needless to say, this doesn’t make a difference, and only angers me more.
    I too have had issues with course recognition, even when standing on the first tee!! Several times in the midst of a round, it forgets where I am, and makes me start all over. If you try to search a course, you must pick the state first, then the first letter in the name of the course, then drag (4 courses at a time!) through the list until you get to course you are looking for. The optical navigation button really is non-functional except to draw “distance to” lines, which are useless in Go or Basic Modes.
    Long story short, this device is currently useless. Not only is it an epic failure due to the yet-to-be-released website, the device has so many bugs, battery issues and software quirks, I am returning mine and going to a new device manufacturer entirely. It is clear Callaway knows they failed, and they just haven’t stepped up, recalled the devices, and admitted the failure. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!

  • Petevecchio

    Just got mine yesterday and I can’t even open  Did you ever get yours synced?

  • Butch

    I got my Upro MX early also. First trip out, couldn’t get a satelite lock, never did connect. Note to Callaway Tech solved my issue. Turn the MX on and wait 7 minutes, yes 7, and the MX finds you. Have now played 2 rounds in basic mode and it works great. Quicker yardage updates than my Upro, screen is easier to read. On both rounds which were 3 hours, battery usage was exactly 87% both times. I did reduce screen brightness to < 40% which is fine. Thw website was up on the 17th and I did get registered but did not get the promode which I really liked on my Upro. I will wait out the issues since I am a LONG TERM Callaway user ( everything is Callaway) and they have never failed to resolve a problem, even if it wasn't their fault.

  • Yves Farley

    I was able to register and access promode site for a few hours. Long enough to pay for upgrade and then see that the closest course available in Pro mode is at a one hour drive from home. I bought the unlimited access plan!!! The 5 free courses offer would have been enough…

  • J. Labat

    Purchased for my husband for Father’s Day…still waiting on website to come online…called today – was told by the rep “I’m waiting on a statement just like you’re waiting”…it should be a couple of hours.  That was 4 hours ago – still nothing.  What a waste of $200.  Will most likely take it back and get him another one – or just give him the $200 credit to the golf store.  This product sucks.

  • Tlhaugh

    my upro mx is giving me all kind of problems, jut bought it two weeksago and it only worked one time.

  • JMV

    I’m a tech guy and patient. I’m always on the leading edge relative to the general public. This device and process is becomming ridiculous. I am sure someone is getting fired over the debacle and should. When my son (16) bought me the upro for fathers day he saw the box, picture and was very proud of his purchase. Now we have to return it. We bought it at our club and the pro indicated it was the latest greatest. I might classify this as false advertising. 

  • Pices312

    The longer I wait the more I feel that I have a $200 paper weight!!

  • Watson

    Just received my upro and already disgusted with it. Very disapointed with callaway.

  • Ktorisk

    I am on the 3rd upro mx. In general they can be considered to a reliable letdown. They freeze,jump to holes and freeze, just plain shutdown and thats just the basic plan. Callaway has given 25 free courses but that is moot as the download won’t seem to work on my PC or my Mac. Again you can expect failure with this unit, I think I will return the latest one and spend my money on a good rangefinder or other GPS unit. Best yet I have been on the tech line for 23 minutes,this department works as well as the upr mx poorly, time to hang up the unit and the phone!!!!!!!!!!! 



  • Sheph10

    I have had my upro mx for a month now and have tried to contact someone everyday but  no response  - it does not work and you can never talk to anyone – I got no manual or wall plug for $200.  Was it worth it? NO


  • Garry lafreniere

    i need to know how to get to be able to download the connector for the gps upro mx on the computor. thank you

  • Lrlross55

    I have just tried for the 4th time to register this devise and it just won’t take. I have viewed the video for registration and it goes so quickly, you better know shorthand to get it all.  I searched for a written version to no avail. Additionally, the devise “wonders” (goes from the hole distances to club use, player strokes, or what is par on the hole) when on the two courses I regularly play and will go into power save almost as soon as it activates.  It jumps from one hole to the next with no help from me and on the last trip to the course brought up an entirely different course than what I was playing!  I have had nothing but problems with this unit since I purchased it.  I am taking it back and getting something that will work.  I like Callaway but not this thing.  All of the reviews except one are negative responses. Recommend  Callaway recall this devise and either find a fix or get it off the market.

  • Hrinehart

    I have tried to download my free pro mode s 7 or 8 times and I can’t. I get a new password each time and they never work and I can never get an answer from them as to how to solve this problem. The phone is a 2 hour or more wait and I gave them my phone number and they never call back. I think they gave up on me as they will not even answer my last e-mail request for help. The devise is good but the service sucks.

    Hugh Rinehart 

  • Geogolferpar1

    I’ve had this device for several months now and still can not get it regestered. Have tried several times. At first the site was not up and running, well it’s up but still not running. The only running I get is the run around.  This product was given as a gift from my mom,thanks mom but what a waste of money. I would not reccomend this device to anyone. Takes too long to scroll course,then load information,then shuts down.Battery life not long,especialy if you forget to charge between rounds. More frustrating than helpful;played better when I relied on 200,150,100 yrd. markers

  • Geogolferpar1

    I’ve had this device for several months now and still can not get it regestered. Have tried several times. At first the site was not up and running, well it’s up but still not running. The only running I get is the run around.  This product was given as a gift from my mom,thanks mom but what a waste of money. I would not reccomend this device to anyone. Takes too long to scroll course,then load information,then shuts down.Battery life not long,especialy if you forget to charge between rounds. More frustrating than helpful;played better when I relied on 200,150,100 yrd. markers

  • Doucettebrian

    This is the christmas shopping season and there is not a single upro-mx to be found anywhere,I was told that all the units have been pulled off the market due to a software problem.hopefully they will have this problem corrected for the beginning of the upcoming season.

  • Larry-herrera

    When will Callaway Golf Comany do something about this Callaway GPS that does not work right. Is there going to be a recall or an exchanege for a good unit that works. I would think Callaway would like there good name to be cleared of this problum child.

  • Rob

    They have had a recall on this for the past couple weeks. Just call their tech support.



  • SC Golfer

    This is the third UPRO   Fist one hard drive went out, 2nd one could not start, so I got a third.  Cannot finish a round withuot battery going out   Very user unfreindly  and need glasses to see this on the course.  What a waste.  Trying to find a worthy cause to donate this to

    Not to mention 10 plus hours on the phone with tech support

  • Jim Teutimez

    i’m trying to re-register my upro with my new MacBook Pro. When I connect the device to my Mac an icon is supposed to appear on the screen to enable me to download. However, no icon appears on the screen. The device is powered on and the screen indicates the USB is connected and connected to host. Any help would be appreciated.

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