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Miami-based custom system maker Origin PC has now rolled out its most compact desktop yet, a product called Chronos which features Sandy Bridge power and offers four chassis options: the NZXT Vulcan, the Lian Li PC-V354, or Silverstone’s SG07 or FT03.Performance and stability will go hand in hand when you configure your Chronos small form factor system with up to 16GB of dual channel DDR3 memory and supports for graphic cards of any length, expansion card compatibility and a cable management system to keep your system clear and running cool…………


The  CHRONOS small form factor system by ORIGIN PC is big where it counts by offering the performance power of second generation Intel Processors, professional overclocking, liquid cooling options and full size video cards. The CHRONOS small form factor system is small where it matters utilizing the latest form factor technology leaving a smaller footprint, more user space and a lighter weight than other desktops. All the customization options that you expect from ORIGIN PC are there; choose any small form factor chassis on the market with features like support for graphic cards of any length, expansion card compatibility and our cable management system to keep your system clear and running cool. With the ability to support dual video cards, up to 16GB’s of memory and SSD hard drives this small package packs the potent punch of a nuke. Only ORIGIN PC gives you the choice of any small form factor chassis on the market. Choose the size that fits your style and ORIGIN PC will custom build your high performance small form factor PC.


The faster you are the more you can do which is why the CHRONOS small form factor system is packed with the power to run the latest games and programs. Configure your ORIGIN PC with the second generation or the Hexcore Intel Core i7 processor that ORIGIN can overclock for unmatched speed. Performance and stability will go hand in hand when you configure your CHRONOS small form factor system with up to 16GB’s of Dual Channel DDR3 Memory. With the power of a tank and the size of a sports car, the CHRONOS small form factor system will have everything you need to handle demanding applications and heavy multitasking. Origin PC’s small form factor case options offer the protection and style your components need with the space saving capabilities you want. ORIGIN PC goes beyond a splash of paint. Custom design your system from color to artwork to put your own signature on your rig. If you need help picking the perfect design our artisans can help you draft the look that you desire. ORIGIN PC has your back from the moment you order your system. Every step of the way our expert technicians and service staff will assist you with everything you need and the service does not end when the system arrives at your door. ORIGIN PC will stand behind your CHRONOS small form factor system to with free lifetime support and free lifetime labor.


Processor Intel 3.4GHz Core i7-2600K (overclocked to 4.7GHz)
Mobo Asus P8P67-M Pro (Intel P67 chipset)
RAM 8GB DDR3/1600
Videocard Two GeForce GTX 590 cards in SLI
Soundcard Onboard
Storage Two 64GB Crucial C300 SSDs in RAID 0, 1TB Western Digital 7,200rpm HDD
Optical Optiarc Blu-ray burner
Case/PSU Silverstone FT03 / Silverstone 1,200 watt
Zero Point Origin PC Chronos
Vegas Pro 9 (sec) 3,049 2,256
Lightroom 2.6 (sec) 356 261
ProShow 4 (sec) 1,112 778
Reference 1.6 (sec) 2,113 1,537
STALKER: CoP (fps) 42 124.6
Far Cry 2 (fps) 114.4 203.8



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