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iPhone 4 Case Program giving owners a chance to get their free bumpers, while at the same time.To get it you download an iPhone app, sign in with your iTunes store account or Apple ID…..

The new app lets every iPhone 4 owner order the free bumper cases Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised them last week to alleviate the reception problems plaguing the newest iPhone.

When Jobs announced last Friday that the company would give away free bumper cases, he didn’t indicate how the company would release. But today Apple launched the “iPhone 4 Case Program” application, which allows iPhone owners to choose a free bumper or case from a variety of options. The plastic covers surround the sides of the phone and prevent human touch from disrupting the antenna signal.

We’re not kidding, there is actually an app for that. Apple’s iPhone 4 Case Program page is now live. Those who already purchased an iPhone 4 and Apple bumper can hit up the new site to check the status of their rebate, users waiting for their free case can “Download the iPhone 4 Case Program app from the App Store” and select a case at no charge. Have a look for yourself.

Resources :boygeniusreport.com,abcnews.go.com

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HP will not making Windows Phone 7
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