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If you recently unlocked your iPhone 4 and tried to run it on a T-Mobile US SIM, you must have noticed that MMS doesn’t work anymore. Well good news is that there is now a fix available in Cydia which will fix this problem once and for all…..

There are many issues you face on the iPhone especially when you jailbreak the device to get a hold on all those apps not available on the App Store. These issues include certain features not working, like Bluetooth tethering, issues with camera, etc. However T-Mobile users face a totally different one, primarily with sending MMS on the latest Apple release, the iPhone 4 running the iOS version 4.0 and 4.0.1.

Simply follow the instructions posted below to fix MMS issue on unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile US running on iOS 4.0.1 / 4.0.

Step 1: Start “Cydia” on your iPhone. Touch on “Manage” tab on the bottom, and then on “Sources” as seen in the screenshot below:

Step 2: Now touch on “Edit” and then on “Add”. You will be prompted to enter a url source as seen in the screenshot below. Type http://cydia.pushfix.infoand touch on“Add Source” to add this repo if you haven’t already.

Cydia will now automatically update your sources by following a series of automated steps.

Step 3: After installation is completed. Search for “T-Mobile US  MMS Fix for iOS4” in Cydia and install this application.

Step 4: Now navigate to Settings –> General –> Network –> Cellular Data Network and verify that you have the following settings for MMS:

MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 1048576

Now simply restart your iPhone and voila! MMS should now be working on your jailbroken and unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile US.


How To Fix Your iPhone If You Dropped it in Water

Panasonic Lumix FZ40
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  On August 8, 2010(3 years, 8 months ago.)
  • Don Clark – Atlanta

    did not work for me. 8gb 3g running 4.0.2 does not show cellular data option.

  • Don Clark – Atlanta

    It does work after all. (this is Don Clark – Atlanta) from previous comment.
    All you have to do is be sure to insert the tmobile sim card before you begin this process. Even if you didnt, just stick the SIM in – and the option Cellular Data Option shows up.

  • juandgame

    I having been messing with this for a week. Finally I have mms working. Thanks a million.

  • Diemtrang89

    I tried but it still doesnt workk. For some reason it could send the picture. The red exclamation point still appears at each message

  • Lovecow007

    I do every single step on this guide. Still my iPhone can’t send mms? Any way to check for it? Please let me know. Thanks you

  • Aznsowass

    thanks a bunch really works!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nonisdimplez

    This doesn’t work!!!!

  • mitsukix3

    it works! but strange.. I cannot receive the pictures from my friends but I can send picture text. :/ any suggestions?

  • Lonea81598_99

    Thank you sooo much! I’m back in business!!!!

  • Lonea81598_99

    If it doesn’t work then double check your settings, and delete any previous mms fix from your phone first…

  • ricky

    thanks alot it works 500% u can leave both APN on

  • Www Ryan8437

    Did all that and still no mms. HelP

  • Dortiz70

    I did all the steps and checked cell network everything is the way you said but still not working please help

  • Www Jadetstormd

    thank u god been working on this for days

  • Www Jadetstormd

    thank u god been working on this for days

  • CustoderoN

    works great. even though i got an error message when downloading the cydia app

  • Anand_1810

    Worked great for me, thanks alot

  • lilasiangirl1108

    what works for 4.2.1?

  • Geridjulian


  • debbie chang

    how can i fix my 3G 4.1 ios to get MMS on the iphone with sim card?

  • Gyip7

    Thanks! This worked right away! Kudos to you!

  • Lilazngirlly

    didnt work for me. anyone can help me fix it please?

  • Claayboy2980

    great,it worked on my happy…………..

  • Sufianali

    i have tried it but now i dont have networking setting option available to put this info in it. and tried many ways to fix it any idea what can be dont to get that option back?

  • brando1972

    to fix this…..go to settings….general network and pop out the sim and pop it back in and the place to enter everything will show up

  • Terrance

    Did every step said but can’t get into cellular data network. Only can turn on and off. Any help??

  • Ggonzalez

    AWESOME i get it working thanks so much for this info man!

  • Makingputashorny

    Do a hard reset after installing mms fix. You should get the options.

  • Jedi_don_knight

    Thank you I did everything you said and it fix my problem. Now I can send and get picture messages.

  • Sassygurl55

    Awesome!!!! It worked!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Bigdaddy1171

    thank you so much for this i had been looking for months for something that really worked and this definately did it thank you so so much =)

  • Mjshsu21

    Everything automatically changed in my settings except my APN…it still says

    Do I manually change this and will it affect anything?

  • Judy Chao

    i still can’t receive and send picture text message please help me.

  • Isamar

    i did the whole process but my phone is unlocked with gevey sim card and every time i turn of  my phone i have to do the entire unlocking process which means resetting my phone which deletes every thing i typed on the cellular  data

  • Awilliamson86

    My T-Mobile US  MMS Fix for iOS4 wont install is there a trick to gettting it to install. Thanks

  • Awilliamson86

    My T-Mobile US  MMS Fix for iOS4 wont install is there a trick to gettting it to install. Thanks

  • Mo-diego42

    i did all the steps i can send pics but cant recieve them it says that the media content was not included due to a picture resolution or message size restriction 

  • joe1972

    worked great for me. been missing out on alot because of this problem….

  • Liz Stabbert

    Fantastic! Worked for me!

  • Luv902

    This was my solution to the MMS problem. Amazing!!

    However, did a cydia update on all sources+apps and now MMS isn’t working. Reinstalled the tweak and still nothing. Any idea? I’m lost… please help-

  • Atracplos

    I have the same exact problem


    I upadated cydia and now i can not send or receive messeges as I used to. It seems that updating Cydia is not fully recommended.

  • Deminx

    Recipients are claiming that the pictures I send are distorted. Is there a fix for this?

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