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Augen 10.2-inch netbook GenBook 108 is on sale through Kmart.The GenBook 108 is with Android OS…

Powered by Google Android 2.1 Operating System, this 10.2″ Augen netbook provides a stable computing platform and make it easy to check email, share photos, surf the internet. Download hundreds of Apps from Andriod Market and the App Store. Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as tablet computers, netbooks, and cellular phones. Android is based upon the Linux kernel and GNU software. Android has a large community of developers writing apps that extend the functionality of the devices. There are currently over 70,000 apps available for Android, which makes it the second most popular mobile development target. The GENBOOK108 has a wide resolution and a 10.2″ screen, allowing web browsing in full width. Unlike the experience on other mobile devices( small screens and slow speeds), the GENBOOK108 offers a true web browsing experience, with web pages displayed in full screen. No need of zooming in and out as the text is easily viewable on the 10.2″ screen. The GENBOOK108 also offers a 93 % full-size keyboard, allowing you to conveniently IM, email and browse all your favorite websites.

Features :

  • 1024×600 color TFT screen
  • CPU: ARM11 800 Mhz
  • Ram: DDR2 256MB
  • Internal Memory: 2GB
  • WiFi: Built-in 802.11 b/g
  • Software: Web browser(supports YouTube), Quick office, instant messenger, email management, media player, PDF viewer,photo viewer/image sharing
  • Expansion Slots: SD/MMC card slot (up to 32GB)
  • Supports Media Formats: AVI, XVID, DIVX, MPEG-4, RMVB, MP3, WMA, WAV, WMV, ASF, MOV
  • Rechargeable Lithium 2100mAh
  • Unit dimentions: 11.02″ x 7.28″ x 1.00″
  • Unit weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Includes leather carry case, USB cable(for data transfers only) and UL certified AC adapter

Augen 10.2-inch GenBook 108 netbook is available on Kmart for $189.99.


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Olive Media O3HD music server
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  On September 15, 2010(3 years, 7 months ago.)
  • Gaming PC

    Would have expected something smaller for that low a RAM in the machine.

  • Gc1023

    New to all this tech stuff but the guy at Kmart told me it doesn’t have Windows Operating System. What does that mean? What can my kids do and not do on this Genbook? Can they go on their kid websites and play games and such? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Gc1023

    New to all this tech stuff but the guy at Kmart told me it doesn’t have Windows Operating System. What does that mean? What can my kids do and not do on this Genbook? Can they go on their kid websites and play games and such? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Zmedina197610

    my genbook does not have anything on it. it wont go past genbook i would like to get something done so i can use it rather than just looking at it.

  • Mainfraim

    Why can’t I watch video’s and play flash games can someone help! E-mail me the info on how to get that working for this model of android 2.1

  • Mainfraim

    Did u find the answer to the game playing I need it also!

  • shan

    cant connect to wifi on my 10.2 genbook by wifi it says turn wifi on I dont see a wifi button or how to turn it on please help

  • Tmwdsi

    Hold down Alt and press F4. The Wi-Fi menu should come up, press “Turn On Wi-Fi”.

  • Samati412

    Cannot connect to my wireless router… I turn on WiFi… type my wep key in but WiFi disconnects & it won’t unlock my router… please help my son is very sad he got this for Christmas & can’t use it…

  • josh

    I try to watch videos on you tube but it say I have to upload a flash player and when I tryto do that itsays my computer dosent support it .. do I need the sd card to watch videos

  • Donny Sloan

    Wi fi is turned on.. but still cannot connect… please help. I have entered my WEP key.

  • Tleggett24

    same here! it is really annoying

  • Olsenparty

    Same story,have tried multiple times to get tech support(online and phone) nothing!

  • Dillon75

    I. Like how it look sad to say that’s all but it looks like we all can’t see vedios!I need an hp

  • Kristinedwards24

    I cannot download afld.oiash player to play games or music on my andr

  • Ddoherty26

    I hate this device! I am returning it !!! It would not stay connected; the calendar would not let me add any appointments; the mouse pad would go crazy and click things at random; and the apps are phone apps (why would I want phone apps on my netbook). I could not even get the tutorial to work. Lets face it, if it does not have Window’s operating system, then what good is it. I got this for a gift, had I know there was no Window. I wanted to throw this thing against a wall!! If you are use to windows don’t buy it, it is not worth the hair pulling!!!!!!!

  • One pissed off user

    this thing is junk, i just got one 2 weeks ago, and everything has gone wrong. the thing wont even load past the android screen. it clicks on EVERYTHING for no reason, and the internet wont stay on. you cant even download the apps from the market, and mine doesnt even have a cammera, just a place where one should be. its a down graded smart phone with keybord and sh**y mouse pad. buyer beware! if you bought one return it while u can. what kind of netbook breaks down after a week. it feels like your playing pretend with a kids toy. only kids wouldnt use this. if you want your kids to get off there computer and go out side. then the genbook is for them

  • Huftsteph


  • Huftsteph

    Unfortunately I bought this p.o.s. off craigslist and. Can’t return it cuz I waited too long! So now I am stuck with ittherefor I am wondering if anybody ever figured out how to install adobe flashplayer on the darn 10.8 or atleast how to watch videos/play games on ths junky thng!!!

  • Huftsteph

    Oops. If so pleasse email me at

  • Martin Buss

    most of the kid game websites operate using FLASH, and this does not suport flash, by an asus laptop from wally world for around $380 to get what they want, and will be able to use for school work when they get older

  • Hec28621

    Where do you find the MAC address for this genbook108? I don’t use WEP, I filter by MAC address.

  • Thommymccorkle

    How can I completly factory restore this thing, I’ve looked everywere through the settings and even the storage and such but cn’t find Any systom restore or formats for it on sd-card format.

  • Deschan1

    how do i make the key board type

  • xnomed

    To factory restore:

    Hit power button quickly to power on device
    Press and hold power button breifly when you see the Augen spash screen to get the bootloader menu

    power button quick press with cycle through the menu options

    press and hold for 1 second to select an option

    You can enter recovery mode this way

    wipe cache partition and then wipe user data to reset the machine to factory settings

  • Stevensshelby

    I purchased the 10.2 GenBook 108 and have been unable to type numbers.  There is no guidance/info booklet with this book & I have considered selling it (1 month old) but wonder if there are any instruction booklets available.

  • Mrommel2010

    I like mine.I see a lot complaints here but it is what it is.I certainly didn’t pay a fortune for mine.Maybe I didn’t have thgis super high expectations but I’m okay with mine.It’s like buying a pair of shoes….most the time you get what you pay for.

  • Kiwisungni3

    I’ve only been able to get it to connect to an unsecured network…

  • Kiwisungni3

    I’ve only been able to get it to connect to an unsecured network…

  • Twocoool4skoool

    Why can’t I watch videos . This sucks . Someone please tell me what to do so I can watch videos on youtube . Please and thanks .

  • Xnomed

    You can’t do anything. Throw it away.

  • Lorihp123

    why does my augen genbook refuse to connect to my fios wireless

  • Troyclifford44

    did u ever get your sons netbook to work and how did u figure it out let me know if you did thanks e-mail me at

  • Kingelviss

     Yes I Sheldon Cooper worked it out.LOL
    Go instal slideme  its free.
    Inside are all free goodies.
    Go to entertainment install tubemate an SURPRISE you can watch utube videos.
    Took me two days of shear hell trying to instal adobe.
    Also you can download movies to your usb and they play perfect.
    So your piece of crap is actually quite GREAT. :)

  • dwpbike

    mine works ok, but i have a 7″ inch display on 10″ screen. bought it from ebay. if you have 10″ software or a genbook that displays full screen, i’ll pay $20 plus shipping. dwpbike at yahoo dot com.

  • dwpbike

    another option is to install a small version of linux, such as bodhi. anyone know how to boot the genbook 108 from sd or usb?

  • dwpbike

    on the wifi problem, i don’t have have a severe one. my wifi has no password (by intent. i have a sermon).

  • dwpbike

    does anyone know how to root the genbook?

  • Nahim Rodriguez

    hello to all my genbook not start just start up logo and there is nothing more I can do?

  • harry krishna

    tanks, man, sure beats the app store that came with it.

  • harry krishna

    this does not happen for me. would love to get to bootloader menu

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