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One name conspicuous by its absence is Nokia, the Finnish company that once dominated the mobile phone industry.

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Since the rise of the smartphone, Blackberry and iPhone have been leading the market for many years, however since the advent of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC impressive range of handsets, other manufacturers have risen to the top of the pile.

One name conspicuous by its absence is Nokia, the Finnish company that once dominated the mobile phone industry. Sales have dipped considerably as technology has advanced, but Nokia have pinned their hopes on a partnership with Microsoft, and the new Windows 8 phones.

Do they stand a chance of getting back among the big boys?

Small windows
Windows might dominate personal computing, but Microsoft are small fry when it comes to mobiles. The majority feature the popular Android and Apple’s iOS system. The conversion to the Android system by many mobile phone companies left many people with no decision left but to sell Nokia e72 phones and the like and upgrade to the better technology. However the move by Nokia to discard its own operating system and move to Windows 8 has been seen as it’s ‘last chance’ bid to regain ‘top 5’ status in the smartphone world.

Has anyone got the message?
Marketing experts believe that Nokia have not advertised their campaign effectively enough. Over 5million iPhone 5s were sold on its opening weekend, while the Galaxy S III has broken records in sales which continue to climb through the Christmas season.

Despite this massive public appetite for smartphones, there is little anticipation for the upcoming Windows Phone 8. Windows software for smartphones has never been dominant in the smartphone market and many believe that it is foolish of the Finnish manufacturer to place all its hopes in the success of the new Windows Phone 8.

Waiting for consumers to catch up
The first Windows Phone 8 is not expected to be launched for several weeks, however many analysts believe that it is unlikely that the Windows Phone 8 will have any instant success due to the nature of the change to Windows 8, designed specifically to unify PCs and mobile phones. As people are unlikely to make such a large change to their PCs overnight, the demand for Windows Phone 8’s will be slow in coming.  As Nokia have invested heavily in the success off Windows Phone 8’s, and are so heavily reliant on the phone market, can they afford the luxury of slow sales uplift in the same way Microsoft can?

Do you want to buy?
Given the backing of Microsoft, Nokia’s new phones promise to bring a competitive user experience, and it is certainly worth investigating if you want to upgrade or make your first steps with a smartphone, especially if you plan to buy a Windows 8 PC.

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  On November 1, 2012(2 years, 4 months ago.)

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