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Verizon has released a statement confirming the VCAST app store and DROID Incredible gets first V Cast App store.V Cast now available and live for Droid Incredible,so Droid Incredible users what are you wating for?

The update for the DROID Incredible that includes many bug fixes as well as the VCAST app store is hitting devices right now.The semi-bug fixing update for the Droid Incredible appears to be popping up on handsets as of late last night and as many of you know, will include the VCAST app store.


  • Updated Flash® player includes security enhancements.
  • Visual Voice Mail Wi-Fi improvements include removal of incorrect service messages and post-call notifications.
  • Enhanced support for Yahoo!® IMAP email.
  • Updated Slacker application.
  • Attach files larger than 5 MB.
  • Updated COX POP3 email settings.
  • Play YouTube videos in YouTube application.
  • Seamlessly switch between portrait and landscape views in Google Maps.™
  • Updated Comcast POP3 email settings.
  • Search key and other buttons displayed in correct order.

Download V Cast For Droid Incredible : Here , Download Deodexed, Rooted R1

Steps To Install V Cast On Droid Incredible :

  • You must be rooted, have nand unlocked and be running a 2.x radio.
  • Perform a nandroid backup of your current ROM
  • Apply the zip via Clockwork Recovery
  • If you are coming from another completely stock ROM (i.e. Sense 2.1 or 2.2), you may not have to wipe data. I obviously recommend wiping data (since it will eliminate any possibly bad/stale configuration), but the update script will not do so automatically during installation. Use your best judgement to determine what works best for you.

How To Root Droid Incredible :

  • Download Unrevoked3 and Unrevoked
  • Power on your phone.
  • Go to settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Go to Development.
  • Select USB debugging.
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Run the Unrevoked3 file that you downloaded.
  • If you get stuck here with this message on Unrevoked3, “Waiting for bootloader; Make sure driver is installed!” then go to this webpage and follow the instructions there.
  • After it finishes you will be in what is called recovery. It is a black screen with green text options. Reboot should be selected already, press the optical trackball to reboot your phone.
  • Once your phone has rebooted pull down the notification bar and turn on the disk drive part of the USB connection so you can access the files on your sdcard.
  • Save all of the contents of your sdcard to a folder on your computer.
  • Go to My Computer.
  • Format the sdcard to fat32.
  • Place your files back on the sdcard.
  • Place the unrevoked forever zipped file on the sdcard.
  • Go to the market application on your phone and find and install “Rom Manager” by ClockworkMod.
  • Pull down the notification bar and turn off disk drive.
  • Open “Rom Manager”
  • Select “Backup Current ROM”
  • Go into “Rom Manager” app.
  • Select “Reboot into Recovery”
  • The green text menu will appear upon reboot. Select “install zip from sdcard”
  • ocate the unrevoked forever zip you placed on the sdcard earlier and install it.
  • Once the install is done press the power button to move back once in the recovery menu.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Locate the “” file you downloaded earlier.
  • Place it on the sdcard
  • Power off your phone.
  • Hold the volume down button and then press and hold the power on button at the same time. This will boot you into a screen that says something about HBOOT.
  • At this point it will scan for a file and find the “” file on your sdcard and ask if you wish to update with it. Select yes.
  • You should see a bar on the right that shows you the loading progress. Once it is done, press the power button and the menu options should change.
  • You should now have an option to reboot your phone, press the volume down button and then the power on button to select it.
  • Once your phone is booted go to settings.
  • Select “About Phone”
  • Select “Software Information”
  • Ensure that in the “Baseband version” section it says “2.15.XX.XX.XX”
  • nstall a file manager on your phone. Astro File manager will do.
  • Locate the “” file on your sdcard and delete it.
  • Open “Rom Manager” app.
  • Select “Download ROM”
  • Select “CyanogenMod”
  • Select “CyanogenMod 6.0.0-RC3”
  • Select Download
  • t should ask if you want to wipe with this install, select yes, it will also ask if you want to do a backup.
  • Once it is done with the update it should reboot and you are finished.
  • Find and download the froyo rom of your choice.
  • Place the rom on your sdcard
  • Open “Rom Manager”
  • Select “Reboot into Recovery”
  • Once in recovery select “install zip from sdcard”
  • Locate the rom you placed on your sdcard and install it.
  • Once the update is finished select “wipe data/factory reset”
  • Confirm the wipe.
  • Reboot your phone.


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  On November 12, 2010(5 years, 6 months ago.)

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