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Newly unveiled Samsung B7722 is probably one of the most powerful dual-SIM capable devices we’ve seen to date. That said, we’re sad to say there are not that many powerful devices with such capability on the market.

Out of two SIM cards you can put inside the B7722, only the first one supports 3G (900/2100 MHz) data, while the second number will be restricted to GPRS/EDGE speeds. Rest of the features include a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, FM Radio, media player, 1200mAh battery, 200MB of internal memory that is further expandable with microSD memory cards. Samsung’s very own TouchWIZ UI is used for accessing the phone’s key functions and programs as well as for cyber schmoozing across social networking sites.

As for the pricing and availability, the B7722 will hit Sweden later this month, when interested folks will be able to grab it for 4,000 SEK which is about $510. Then afterwards, I would expect Samsung to release this baby to other markets across Europe and Asia… though we don’t have that confirmed at the moment.

Source: SamsungHub

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  On June 13, 2010(3 years, 10 months ago.)
  • Prasad bhosale

    plz help me to make conection of my samsung b7722 mobile to my Wi-Fi modem

  • sayalee kamble

    frm wer do i get this mobile in mumbai???
    plzz help becoz i need this mobile………..
    rpl me asap

  • sayalee kamble

    frm wer do i get this mobile in mumbai???
    plzz help becoz i need this mobile………..
    rpl me asap

  • pankaj

    same prob m facing dis fone i found difficult 2 access 2 net..

  • pankaj

    same prob m facing dis fone i found difficult 2 access 2 net..

  • Msambok

    I am Sambok.
    Pls kindly advise me how to set up/fix for the Exchange email (Push mail)?

  • Christina

    Can anyone please help me? I really really need to know how to set up my windows live mail account on my samsung gt b7722. I’ve tried countless times and it’s not working. I dont know whether to use imap4 or pop3, and I need the exact portal number for sending and receiving servers. Also I dont know whether to use secure or unsecure connection. Do I use SSL or TLS? Disappointing for a professional mobile.

  • Josvijay

    For connecting to Wi-Fi modem you just have to come in the range and type & save the password, if any, in your wi-fi setting on the phone. Thereafter put “ON” the wi-fi and select “Connect” in the left hand below corner. Then it will search for modem. After locating modem, it will show the name of mode. You have to select the mode and select “Connecting”. After selecton, it will inform as “Connected”. Then again select button on left hand below corner and select “Start Internet”. The default website will start. (You will have have bookmark the websites which you are using).
    Vijay Joshi

  • Perla_cute_24

    can you teach me how to open my gprs?

  • Petros

    is b7722 compatible with Skype ? because i had Sony-Ericsson K705 in which i had installed skype and the only thing i could do was chat, Is sure that if i buy i can make calls ?

  • Anilmenon2007

    How to download Gtalk to Samsung B7722?

  • Vadivel_cbv

    how to configure gmail in samsung b7722 mobile phone

  • Yanko34

    can you tell me please , i did the same as you wrote in here , but when i make connection with the name of pc , they give me ” NO RESPONCE FROM AP ” but i dont know what is it , can you help me please ?

  • Bharatccp

    Samsung b7722 OS not very good this device stop automatic many time

  • Sankit Kool

    register security key of your wi-fi modem in cell phone. If you dn’t know the security key of your wi-fi modem them ask service provider about this.

  • Luckyjeeban2229

    hi frnds. i wnt 2 buy this mb BT7722. how long is it good plz sujst me.

    bye Tack care my frnds.

  • Anonymous

    pls help me set my wap / internet settings, my provider Sun Cellular said they do not have settings for this phone model. thanks

  • Ashish ramteke

    i have problem in using uc browser for internet downloading on samsung b7722,and there is also problem in connecting internet on pc using pc suit of b7722,it shows os error …..
    can anyone suggest me solution for this problems…

  • Anthony Tiong

    i bought b7722 some where mid january 2011, i have been using this phone with 2 sim card without any problems until now, either it cannot open the contacts folder, msg folder or some it jam totally. no download any software from Pc or internet via phone. pls adv why is it so ??

  • Basha

    I am also using the same hand set, and faced same problem, after consulting with mobile phone service provider (Airtel) They gave suggesion over phone while I connected to PC. They have given some settings over phone for Modem applications. Then I got Net connection on my PC connected with my mobile.
    Please contact your phone service provider.

  • Mady2cu

    please send call recording software….
    thank you

  • Mady2cu

    i have b7722 mobile… please send call record software…

  • Seshu486

    there is no need to configure gmail, it is automatically available in main menu. 

  • Seshu486

    there is no need to download gtalk, it is available in instant messenger palringo. you have to setup configure gamil there itself.

  • Tongolregina

    yeahh me too.. pls answer this question..

  • Sbehera_63

    please send phone call recorder soft ware 

  • Mr Genesis

    Waste of money it has so many Bugs and issue…

    Believe me if not the go ahead buy a samsung product…

    If you still want a product that starts with a letter “S” buy Sony

  • Adilhussain73

    can you explain more on how to solve gtalk issue 

  • Bmfreee

    forgot my password… cannot reset to factory settings… please help..

  • Tijo George

    please send call recording software….thank you

  • Shaan Sonu77

    hi frnd please tell how to install jad or jar files in samsung bt 7722……

  • Sinsinwar n s

    where is call recording option?

  • Jgcumbo

    does anyone knows the sim password of b7722 please ???

  • Vicky Chirata

    is that with android?

  • Juvlinalbania

    same here..been looking for somebody to have it set up for thismodel

  • Dubeyvishvajeet

    send me setting

  • Priya Gangineni

    please dont go to buy this mobile,am saying frankly.i had buy last 1 month back so much of strugling to this product.please dont choose..

  • Thenewravi

    it is not good brother, operating system problem lil bit, better to choose android phone with single sim

  • hitesh

    call recorder softwer kese downlond kare

  • Onfire

    You go to and there you can donwload .jar and jad file and easily download and copy to in phone memeory card and install. you access .jar software from game icon

  • Nosir

    I an looking for call recorder (.jar) for samsung b5722 too.
    If you find it, please, let me know

  • Murali Krishna

    i have b7722 mobile… please send call record software..

  • Prashantdrock

    hey can we convert a generic phone into a android one?

  • Parveen chopra

    i have b7722 mobile… please send call record software..

  • CJ

    Hi, How can i configure my exchange mail a/c on this phone so as to get my emails as SMS?

  • satish

    this samsung gt-b7722 phone is too hang so please be aware from this,for a few moment it’s good but after wards its to irritating, it doesnt work properly, i m tired of this phone so plz be aware

  • jaoun

    this is DENSE PHONE!! reality

  • Geronimo

    It`s a good phone but not for hard work :(

  • Rahul Tripathi

    Worst phone i ever had.. I suggest never think to buy. hanging problem due to poor hardware support to its advance specifications. After using this heandset since last 1.5 yrs, i decided not to go for Samsung smartphone series. Even Nokia, HTC, Sony are far better.
    1. Poor signal reception
    2. Hanging problem
    3. Touch is not sensitive, u have to press harder on screen
    4. Java support is not good for its 3G connectivity
    5. Poor internet surfing
    6. battery backup is not good

    In total, i suggest to samsung company to please withdraw this headset from Indian market to save their market reputation.

  • rahul

    yaa realy….. its stupid phone

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