A species of flying dinosaur has been named after the little girl named Daisy Morris who discovered it 4 years ago.

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Four years ago, a little girl named Daisy Morris was playing on a beach on the Isle of Wight (a small island in the English Channel), when she stumbled on some kind of unusual bones. She took those unusual bones to an archaeologist. After spending long five years, that archaeologist discovered that those unusual bones were actually fossils of a flying dinosaur. Now Daisy Morris is 9-year old and she has been honored by naming the dinosaur after her name - Vectidraco daisymorrisae.

Dinosaur Hunter Daisy Morris

Four-year old Daisy Morris has always been interested in dinosaurs. She had the belief that one day she would find bones of dinosaurs. So, whenever she had found any kind of bones, she started to think that those bones could be bones of some kind of dinosaurs.

One day, when 4-year old Daisy Morris was playing on a beach, she stumbled on some bones. Morris discovered that those bones were not usual like other bones that she had seen earlier. As usual, she started to think that this could be bones of dinosaurs. Interestingly, those bones were really fossils of a dinosaur, but Morris had no idea about it then. So, Morris took those unusual bones to an archaeologist, Martin Simpson.

Fossils Of Dinosaur Discovered By 4 Year Old Daisy Morris

At first glance Simpson became almost sure that those bones were actually fossils of some ancient creatures. But he wanted to be more sure. So he started studying those fossils, and five years later he discovered that those fossils were from the early Cretaceous period. He also discovered that those fossils were 115 million year old and of Pterosaur, a flying dinosaur.

Flying Dinosaur, Pterosaur-1
115 Million Year Old Fossils Of Flying Dinosaur, Pterosaur-1
115 Million Year Old Fossils Of Flying Dinosaur, Pterosaur-2
115 Million Year Old Fossils Of Flying Dinosaur, Pterosaur-3
115 Million Year Old Fossils Of Flying Dinosaur, Pterosaur-4
Flying Dinosaur, Pterosaur-2

To honor Daisy Morris, the discoverer, the flying dinosaur Pterosaur has been given the scientific name of Vectidraco daisymorrisae; the species was named after Morris. The study has been published in PLoS One.

Source: BBC
Thanks To: eCanadaNow

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