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Marc Ecko New Zip Earbuds Headphones Line up

Marc Ecko New Zip Earbuds Headphones Line up

Marc Ecko just announced new line of earbud headphones that fuse together fashion and function in unprecedented new ways. These in-ear beauts will set you back just 30 beans or about a half-dozen servings of Ron Ron Juice. Other offerings include the $13 Zone earbuds, $15 Chaos II , the $20 Stomp, $25 Lace. Featuring a beaded, dog-tag chain cord design, the “Chain” earbuds are available for $39.99 in blue, pink, red and black. The “Zip” earbuds feature a functioning zipper cord, and are available in red, gold, blue, white, pink and purple, for $29.99. Both styles of earbuds feature an inline microphone and volume control compatible with iPods, iPhones, and Android smartphones, as well as a convenient travel bag and three sizes of ear-piece gels. Checkout the press release bellow for more.

By On September 11, 2011 Respond
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