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RIM has announced that its BlackBerry App World has touched the 3 billion apps download milestone. BlackBerry App World has over 90,000 apps for download.
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RIM has announced that its BlackBerry App World has touched the 3 billion apps download milestone. Now it is the point of discussion among the major giants like Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Marketplace. BlackBerry App World has over 90,000 apps for download. You will be amazed to hear that , Windows Marketplace has over 100,000 apps.

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The 3 billion apps download is nothing compare to Apple App Store and Google Play where they have hit 25 billion and 20 billion, respectively. The good news it that BlackBerry App World has enough apps for its user and their users are already satisfied. It is expected that when RIM will launch a game changing device with BlackBerry 10 then the apps download counter will be increased too.

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  On July 7, 2012(3 years, 11 months ago.)

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