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Over the years Verizon wireless has been a significant supporter for the smartphones and various other devices from Google’s Android software. But recently, the relationship between both the companies seems to have gone more complex than it appears. Google has withdrawn a significant feature of wireless payment system from a phone that was expected to be an innovative introduction particularly made for Verizon’s network. This feature is Google Wallet and it’s said that it’s appearing to be an obvious competition to a service that is not only being developed by Verizon but also by two of the other mobile networks. Although Verizon has already denied about it blocking the application but it still can – is the foremost reason behind the support shown to the broader federal rules.

War of the Wallets – Big Names on Fire
The war of the wallets is getting bigger with two very big names from the world of technology. As per the claims by Google, Verizon has been blocking Google Wallet mobile payments application on its newest smartphone. Neither is the feature pre-loaded, nor can the consumers download on the new phone Galaxy Nexus which is powered by the Android software from Google. As a result, this brand new phone is being marketed by Google as a “pure Google” phone. Verizon is further developing a mobile-payments system which is an expected competitive affair in the market of Technology.

Why is Google betting high on Google Wallet?

Google is flying high with its latest baby in the market – Google Wallet. And this also seems to be one of the ways to strike local business advertising market hard. Google is getting accolades for having changed the way payment system should actually revolutionize. At the point of sale, this cool app converts your phone into a wallet which will transform your mobile shopping experiences totally. Now payments are easier with this amazing app where, in future, you may even save airline boarding passes, ID and keys.

Verizon’s Open Wallet Strategy
Reportedly, Verizon has been working on providing access to open wallet to its users. This clearly indicates that Verizon is looking forward to promoting and favoring its own mobile payments over those of Google. With ‘Net Neutrality’ hitting the modern technology Google and Verizon have earlier entered into a controversial compromise according to which the new rule should not apply to mobile market. Their stand over the issue was that wireless field is relatively more competitive witnessing more rapid changes than wire line broadband or high speed internet market.
As the launch of the Galaxy Nexus approached, the tensions between these two big names from the Modern technology have risen. Verizon is also believed to have made this move in order to successfully plan it’s teaming with the rivals AT&T. Market is heating up with several big names vying to keep them ahead in the ongoing race and this has rather fractured the market. Google has already partnered with MasterCard and Citigroup so there seems to be no good reason why Google should not take a stand against Verizon over Wallet.

About the Author:
The above article is composed and edited by Rosette Summer. She is associated with many technology and designing communities including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to high speed internet, technology, mobile applications, etc.

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