Touch Bionics has announced that it's going to launch a new prosthetic fingers for those people who have blank fingers. The finger would be shorter and more light.

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Prosthetic fingers or arms fulfill the lack of real fingers or arms. Touch Bionics is a worldwide provider of prosthetic fingers or arms. The company’s prosthetic devices are known as i-limb digits which are fully customized electronic prosthesis for those people who have lost his/her finger(s) or partial hand. However, the company has announced September 27 that it is going to launch a new prosthetic fingers worldwide for its i-limb digits prostheses. It is specially being made for those people who have blank fingers.

Prosthetic Finger

Touch Bionics have mentioned that the new additions to that upcoming i-limb digits product will be “shorter” and will have “lighter prosthetic finger and a wrist-band section”. The upcoming prosthetic fingers technology would be suitable for those people who have smaller hands or whose amputations are closer to a bottom of a fingers because the entire technology would incorporate the processing and power systems for the prosthesis.

Ian Stevens, CEO, Touch Bionics said, “The new finger expansion enables i-limb digits prostheses to be done smaller, lighter and some-more anatomically accurate, and therefore suitable for a wider population, such as those with smaller hands, or whose amputations are closer to a bottom of a fingers. The wrist-band section provides a ability to build an i-limb digits prosthesis that has full wrist mobility and with simply transmutable and rechargeable batteries.”

It is still unknown, how much the upcoming prosthetic fingers technology will cost. But it is assumed that, the upcoming prosthetic fingers technology would be more popular to handless or fingerless people than Touch Bionics’ earlier developed devices. Check the PR below.

Press Release

Touch Bionics announces global availability of new bionic finger technologies

New i-limb digits developments increase dexterity, comfort, and ease of assembly

Mansfield, MA and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – September 28, 2012 – Touch Bionics, a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies, today announced the worldwide launch of its latest prosthetic innovations for people with missing fingers. The company revealed new wrist-band and digit technologies for its i-limb digits solution that will help bring the benefits of the prostheses to a greater population.

In addition to its market-leading prosthetic hand products, Touch Bionics was also the first in the world to develop a prosthetic finger solution with articulating digits in 2009, and over 500 people have since been fitted with its i-limb digits technology.

Today, Touch Bionics revealed new additions to the i-limb digits product line, including a shorter, lighter prosthetic finger and a wrist-band unit that incorporates all of the processing and power systems for the prosthesis.

“The new finger development enables i-limb digits prostheses to be made smaller, lighter and more anatomically accurate, and therefore suitable for a wider population, such as those with smaller hands, or whose amputations are closer to the base of the fingers,” said Ian Stevens, CEO, Touch Bionics. “The wrist-band unit provides the ability to build an i-limb digits prosthesis that has full wrist mobility and with easily interchangeable and rechargeable batteries.”

Partial hand amputations, where people lose one or more digits, are more common than whole hand amputations or loss. Historically, people with such injuries have not had a suitable prosthetic option, despite experiencing a high level of disability. The amputee population that can benefit from i-limb digits is estimated to be over 1.2 million worldwide.

“By using i-limb digits to increase their overall ability to complete daily tasks, we see that people experience an increase in self-confidence and independence, and can benefit by being able to return to work or to their favourite pastimes and hobbies,” said Stevens. “Our goal as a company is to maximise the number of people that can experience these benefits, and the developments that we have announced today take us closer to that goal.”

Touch Bionics is in Brazil this week as part of a UK Government Trade Mission.

UK Trade and Investment Minister Lord Green said:

“Brazil’s fast growing economy offers many opportunities for UK companies. Trade between our two nations increased by a quarter in the last two years and London’s successful summer of sport has helped to raise the profile of British companies even further.

“I congratulate Touch Bionics for securing new business in Brazil. Getting more companies exporting is a crucial part of the Government’s plan for growth.”

“As Touch Bionics’ distributor in Brazil we are excited to be able to offer these new i-limb digits developments to the Brazilian market,” said Jairo Blumenthal of Blumenthal Disitribuidora. “Before i-limb digits became available, all Brazilian patients had to use passive or mechanical prosthetic solutions, but now they can benefit from the electronic articulating fingers invented by Touch Bionics. Our workshops are ready to provide information and training to all Brazilian patients and practitioners interested in Touch Bionics’ products.”

Source : Engadget

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