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VR in Healthcare: What to Expect?

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VR is most widely used for entertainment purposes. However, it also has some other uses that can have significant societal benefits. Like uses of VR in Healthcare.

VR in Healthcare

VR might not be able to increase the life expectancy of humans but it sure can be used as a human extension and also in certain instances as unconventional medicine.


VR can eliminate the need for the physical presence of a doctor in emergency situations. A VR can project the Patient in front of the Doctor or the other way around. In many situations, a patient cannot afford the travel time. In such cases when the health of the patient is deteriorating by the minute, VR can come really handy.

Surgical Technology

VR can actually work as an extension to human capabilities. Surgeons are trained to execute surgeries with the utmost accuracy. But given that there is still scope to increase surgery accuracy by using VR/AR, why not use it! And in this regard, AR would be more efficient than VR.

Training Surgeons

VR can be used to teach medical students and aspiring surgeons about the intricate build of the human body. In fact, a VR headset can be used to zoom down to single blood vessels for a closer examination. This also helps to eliminate the need for an actual human body.

Pain Management

VR can be used as an unconventional method of reducing the pain inflicted upon patients during operations. Once a patient mounts a VR headset on his head, he will have no direct vision of anything happening in the operation room.


Many people find it hard to fall asleep due to a lot of stress and anxiety. But a VR headset can be used to give these people that few moments of total peace through soft music and soothing visuals.

Helping Children

The hospital environment does not speed up the healing time for patients. In fact, many patients might suffer from serious stress and anxiety during their stay at a hospital. The stress level is even greater for small kids.

Do we have a solution? Yes, we do! VR headsets can project their home environment with utmost accuracy to make them feel at home. Although its effectiveness in reducing the stress level is yet to be proved!

Wrapping Up!

Do share with us your thoughts on how you think VR can have an impact on the Medical industry! In the meantime here is a quick blog on The Top Games For Oculus Go!

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