Caravisio: A Yacht-inspired And “The Caravan Of The Future”

Day by day, car manufacturers are slowly backing out from making caravans due to less adoption. Although well aware of the scenario, German manufacturer Knaus Tabbert has created a caravan named Caravisio. According to Knaus Tabbert, Caravisio is “the caravan of the future.”

The Caravisio is a yacht-inspired caravan. It is not the result of a single manufacturer’s idea; rather the caravan represents two years’ worth of collaboration between more than 20 different companies and industry experts. However, the design of this newly built caravan is unique. The caravan also come with full of sophisticated technology.

The caravan has two bedrooms along with single beds inside, laid out in a V shape turn into a single double bed with the help of a mattress extension. The living area is clearly designed for lounging and relaxing. The front bedroom offers a cozy and scenic respite.

Both the interior and exterior equipment and settings are controlled via a smartphone app. The remote controlled deck roof offers protection from the sun and lowers for driving. There is an integrated induction charging system that charges its batteries while they’re in tow. But, to bring some of the comforts of a full-sized motor home to this small caravan, Knaus Tabbert and other companies have skipped the claustrophobic toilet/shower closet in favor of a fuller, more spacious bathroom.

According to Knaus, the furniture can quickly be rearranged into a functional work station with supportive, ergonomic seating. However, the caravan had its world premiere on 30 August 2013 at the press conference of Knaus Tabbert GmbH. For more info, hit thelink below.

Source: Knaus Tabbert

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