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How To Record Screen in Android & iPhone

iOS comes with built-in Screen-Recording feature. Whereas on Android you need to use a third-party app or the native Google…

2 weeks ago

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome Android

Recently Google launched Chrome Version 74. One of the key features of this Version is the Dark Mode. However, the…

3 weeks ago

How To Move Contacts From Android To iPhone

Switching to a new phone is a lot of work. And in present times as we use Smartphone for almost…

3 weeks ago

How To Print Anything From Your Android or iPhone

AirPrint for iOS and Google Cloud Print for Android lets you print files over your Wi-Fi Network.

4 weeks ago

How To Hide Your Secret Apps (Like Tinder) On Android Device

The first method we saw is free and comes with Android built-in. The second method will cost you a few…

1 month ago

How To Hard Restart iPhone X

Press and release the Volume Up button. Then go on and do the same with the Volume Down Button. Now…

1 month ago

How To Remove Card Details in iPhone

To change card information on your iPhone Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Tap your…

1 month ago

Ultimate Tips & Tricks To Get More YouTube Subscribers Organically

YouTube is a giant. Every single day it gets over a Billion video counts as well as millions of regular…

2 months ago

How To Download Instagram Data To Save Your Pictures & Stories Offline

It can take anywhere between one hour to 2 days to receive a mail with all your Instagram Data

2 months ago

How To Transfer Apps From Your iPhone To Android

Once a new upgrade to Smartphone arrives there is no point of keep on using the old version. But transition…

2 months ago