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Google Stadia: Is It Actually Netflix for Games?

Google Stadia was first tested back in October 2018 on a closed beta running Assassin's Creed Odyssey. It is scheduled to be launched…

9 months ago

Why did BlackBerry fail?

At its peak, BlackBerry held 50% of the US Smartphone Market. Sadly, it holds 0% of the global Smartphone industry…

11 months ago

Apple: What’s Coming In 2019

Apple has presented multiple novelties in the past year. Now, Apple engineers and marketing managers work on realizing new things…

1 year ago

5 Data Breaches Of 2019 To Prove The Importance Of Data Security

What shall you learn from these data breaches? You must understand that data security is very important. It’s not just…

1 year ago

Bite-Sized Coding Academy – Learn in 3 Minutes a Day

Why is coding important? Because it helps you understand how the digital world works, in fact, the entire digital world…

1 year ago

WiPhone – A Phone for Hackers and Makers

WiPhone is a VoIP mobile phone designed for hackers and makers to be easily modified, repurposed, and adapted.

1 year ago

OBSBOT Tail, The World’s First Auto-Director AI Camera

OBSBOT Tail acts as your personal cameraman and director! With this gadget, you will never feel the need for a…

2 years ago

The Micro The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer

The Micro is the quietest and lowest power consuming 3D Printer out there. These features make it the ideal consumer…

2 years ago

MusicLens Your First Smart Glasses for Daily Use

MusicLens comes with unique and useful features which make it a perfect companion for both professionals and tech-lovers. You can listen…

2 years ago

Micro Drone 4.0: Small, Intelligent, Autonomous

Hold the Drone up, click the power button three times and the Drone launches from your hand so you can…

2 years ago