Ein fantastisches 360-Grad-Video von einem F1-Auto

We have all seen 360-degree panoramic photos in the past. A number of new smartphones come packed with the option to shoot such photos. However, 360-degree video is something truly cutting-edge and mind-blowing. And, that’s exactly the thing Red Bull and Making View has done.

The video has been recorded using state-of-art technology from Making View, a Norwegian company. In creating the video, Making View collaborated with ‘Red Bull.’ The video has been shot by mounting a number of cameras atop a racing car.

The car was driven by a professional F1 racer. The video is extra-ordinary and truly unusual in that you can pan from left to right and up and down to a full 360 degrees. If you don’t like the front view of the car through the view, you can pan to one side or towards the sky or elsewhere.

Attempts have been made in the past to render 360-degree videos. But this is one of the amazing attempts which is successful.

With this new technology, it can be hoped that in the future, the video coverage of F1 racing events would be far more exciting and real-like. The same technology may also be used in a number of other sports to make the video streams far more interactive and fun for the viewers. You can watch the panoramic video below.

Quelle: Making View

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