"Rich Kids Of Instagram" kommt bald auf Ihren Fernseher

In the recent past, ‘rich kids’ with Ferraris, lions and all sorts of other expensive eccentricities have taken to Instagram to show the world their wealth. Apparently, this has driven enough interest to result in a TV show called ‘Rich kids of Beverly Hills’ which will soon be aired.

Rich kids of instagram

The inspiration comes from a Tumblr called ‘The Rich Kids of Instagram.’ The Tumblr brings together Instagram photos of many different users, all of them hailing from the ‘rich kids’ category and displaying their odd, yet expensive, interests in all sorts of photos.

According to reports, E! is currently working on the show, focusing on the aforementioned blog. It must be noted here that the original Tumblr states, “They have more money than you and this is what they do.”

As much as we may find these rich kids snobbish and hate them for being so rich, their lifestyles are certainly interesting. Nearly all of us like to watch the Ferraris, endless amounts of cash and numerous other un-ordinary things.

However, it remains to be seen how successful such a show would possibly be. Whereas there may be an appeal for such a show among the online users, it may not be able to gain much traction among the offline audience.

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