Google+ Hangouts kommen auf Ihr Android

One of the most distinctive feature of Google+ is Hangouts. The feature seems to be picking up recently with the launch of ‘Hangouts on Air’ and a lot of users are hooked to it, finding it a unique form of interaction. Now, Google has shipped out an update for the Android App of Google+ so that Android users can utilize hangout right from their phones.

The collective video chats or hangouts were not available on Android phones earlier and now that they are, Android users may get really hooked up to this one. Like all companies, Google is focusing on the mobile platform. In a post, announcing the update it wrote, ” The update includes lots of highly-requested features—like the ability to start a hangout on the go, and to edit posts inline—as well as a stream that celebrates the rich content shared across Google+. In all cases we’re building for a mobile future, and we’re excited about what’s ahead.”

When an Android user launches the Google+ app, he will be taken straight to the stream. To access options menu, one will simply need to tap the stream icon in the top right corner.

The beauty of a ‘hangout’ or a video chat on Google+ is that it can be started and managed really easily. You can choose a certain circle to ‘hangout’ with or you can enter emails of the people you want to video chat with. The feature support video chatting with up to 10 people at the same time.

You can lay your hands on the updated version of the app right away. It is available at Google Play.

Quelle: Google

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