iOnRoad-App, die das Fahren sicherer macht

Die Ankündigung, die auf dem Israel Mobile Summit gemacht wurde, hat auf dem Gipfel der iOnRoad auch den ersten Platz beim Israel Mobile Summit Startup Contest mit nach Hause genommen. An dem Wettbewerb nahmen auch 23 weitere Start-ups aus der Region teil.

The iOnRoad which uses augmented reality technology to act as a kind of visual radar for potential danger on the road. All the driver would need to do is simply place their cell phone on a dashboard mount and let the app run. The app uses the camera on a Smartphone to locate vehicles on the road. The app would then map out objects in front of drivers (i.e. cars, trees, people, barriers, etc) in real time using the phone’s camera. With constant mapping the screen keeps a real time view of the road and gives users a heads up when they are potentially in danger. The app will then calculate current driving speed and if the app senses that a driver is in danger of a collision, a visual warning pops up and a sound alert goes off.

According to the company’s website, the app has not been launched but users can put in their name and e-mail, and they will be notified when the app launches. The app is set to launch in Mid July for Android-based smart phones. Other operating systems for smartphones will be supported in future versions of the app. Checkout the video bellow.

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