Erstes Amazon-Spiel für iOS jetzt verfügbar

Amazon Game Studios war bisher überraschend nicht in der Arena des mobilen iOS-Spielens vertreten. Jetzt ist das Unternehmen jedoch endlich auf den Markt gekommen und hat sein erstes Spiel für iOS mit dem Namen Air Patriots auf den Markt gebracht.

Air Patriots

Air Patriots is basically a game which involves fighting the enemy with the help of a whole fleet of planes. The interesting part about the game is that it doesn’t involve controlling just a single plane. Rather, you have to devise a strategy for an entire fleet and only then you can successfully tackle the enemy.

You also have a number of towers which need to be strategically positioned to help you in the fight. These towers can take flight, move around and can be re-positioned. Over the course of the game, you will be able to acquire a number of new features and battle-gear which will help you combat the enemy more effectively.

The visuals of the game are truly stunning and playing it is a really good experience. The background music for the game is also quite good, adding up some bonus entertainment to the gaming part. There are a total of 50 achievements in the game. In other words, you will have to play for a long time before you reach the finish line.

The game is available for free and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store right away. You may have to pay for some in-app purchases though.

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