Fling Mini-Joystick für iPhone und iPad

TenOneDesign has posted new miniaturized versions of the Fling joysticks designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch and this springy controllers work surprisingly well for any joystick or dual-stick controller games such as Geometry Wars. Fling Mini should provide gamers that classic and dependable analog feel when playing games, but just like the Fling, it also blocks a substantial area of the screen…………


Zehn-Eins-Design hat enthüllt Schleudern Mini – an analog joystick for the iPhone und IPod Touch and also they had released Fling-Joystick für iPad earlier in the year, which received rave reviews as the Fling joystick was a clever solution for iPad users who find it difficult to use the virtual controls, especially while playing dual stick shooters and FPS games. The Schleudern Mini will come with a special spiral design that actually creates physical resistance for you to experience greater directional control. It will function with just about any iPhone oder IPod Touch game that uses a directional pad or virtual joystick, where among them include Meteor Blitz, Aralon: Schwert und Schatten, Super Mega Worm, Robokill, Blade of Betrayal und Dink Kleinholz. Just like the Fling für das iPad, if you want to make use of the Schleudern Mini, just launch the game of your choice, secure Fling mini’s center control over the game’s directional pad and you’re more or less good and ready to go – all there is left to do would be to place your thumb on the center control in order to experience unprecedented ease of navigation in-game. With a translucent and flexible design, it will offer an unrestricted view of all on-screen action. Not only that, throwing in suction cups will pave the way for simple attachment and detachment for spontaneous gaming sessions. Each purchase will come with a microfiber bag, making it perfect for on-the-go storage while doubling up as the perfect screen cleaning cloth that will help you do away with unwanted smudges and fingerprints. You can purchase the 2-pack Schleudern Mini for $24.95 if you (and your gaming fingers) are interested.




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