SNK NeoGeo Gamepad Für PS3

SNK releasing an updated version of the classic Neo Geo gamepad and this ontroller is reborn (again) for the PS3 with USB connectivity the addition of a PS button in the middle.SNK NEO GEO Controllers are licensed by Sony Entertainment System and manufactured for the fighters.SNK Neo Geo controller works especially well on games such as King of Fighters XII and all sorts adrenaline pumping action and the special feature is, you can change POVs by moving it along the X and Y axis with a lever………

For access to the Neo Geo games for the Playstation-Netzwerk, SNK is now releasing a gamepad to work with those retro Neo Geo games and this Neo Geo gamepad will be compatible with the Playstation 3 and the controller will feature USB connectivity to your console.SNK Neo Geo gamepad have n 8-way d-pad, along with with a PS button in the middle which means  you can even use it to pull up the XMB and taunt your friends into joining a King of Fighters match.Sadly this is only getting a release in Japan, but can be imported via Play-Asia for $45, an $8 premium for the U.S. import over the $37 Japanese price.

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