Diebe stehlen $95.000 Apple-Produkte im James-Bond-Stil von einem fahrenden LKW

Earlier we have seen thieves stealing Apple products by using a stolen car. In another incident, we’ve seen thieves breaking $100K Apple store door and stealing $64K worth devices. It seems like Apfel products are favorite to thieves. And apparently, now it appears that thieves have proved that. Lately, thieves have stolen $95,000 Apple products in a James Bond style from a moving truck!

Thieves Before Stealing Apple Products From A Moving Truck

The incident happened in Germany on January 14. According to n-tv.de report, the moving truck carrying Apple products was going from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic via Germany. It appears that the thieves pulled up behind the truck, got out and climbed onto the hood of the SUV while in motion, used a bolt cutter to break into the truck, stole Apple products and finally vanished.

n-tv.de has reported that thieves stole around seven pallets of Apple products worth $95,000 (€70,000). That includes 125 iPads, 4 iPad Minis, “probably” 30 iPhone and 2 keyboards. While thieves were stealing, the truck driver had no idea what was happening behind. To see the video, Klicke hier.

Quelle: n-tv.de
Dank an: 9to5Mac

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