Nyko Zoom gibt für Kinect-Benutzer am 23. August

Microsoft has gotten a lot of people interested in its Kinect Xbox 360 peripheral, though the device was dogged following its release by reports that a significant amount of empty space was required in front of one’s TV in order for it to function properly. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who have plenty of space where 65-inch televisions are barely big enough to outfit your palatial estate. Nyko has a $29 device coming August 23 called the Zoom that’ll attach to your Kinect sensor to reduce the amount of flail-space required by about 40 percent. That translates to just four feet of distance from your Kinect.


That’s where Nyko comes into this picture; the peripheral maker has been working on a product called Zoom for Kinect, which cuts down on the amount of space necessary to take full advantage of the motion-detecting camera. The Zoom accomplishes this uses a series of specially designed lenses (no independent power source necessary), and the whole thing clips right onto your Kinect.

The space issue with the Kinect really is a big problem for some people, and $30 seems like a fair price for making the camera more functional in different living spaces.
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