Solidoodle stellt den günstigsten 3D-Drucker vor

EIN 3D Drucker is a materiel printer that can construct 3D objects from 3D modeling data. Unlike other machines that uses subtractive process, this type of machines put successive layers to construct. A company named Solidoodle has recently introduced the first sub $500 3D Printer. The reason behind setting such low price, near one third compared to its competition, is the company’s desire of bringing 3d Drucken to mainstream, says company founder Sam Cervantes.


Das Solidoodle 3D printer comes pre-assembled – free from hazards of assembling the parts. The printer has six-cubic-inch build area. With this machine it is possible to create ABS-plastic-based models. There are two versions available. The premium one costs $99 more.

Quelle: Theverge

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