Barnes & Nobles bringt Microsofts Zorn mit dem besten Mann zusammen

Barnes & Nobles has hired David Boies to defend it in a case filed by Microsoft against B & N over claims of patent infringement. Microsoft had earlier filed the case claiming that the way users switch between different screens on B & N’s Nook Tablet is similar to that of Microsoft and hence, is an illegal rip-off.B & N has denied the claims and has hired Boies, known to be the best antitrust lawyer, to defend the case.

Boies ready to wrestle Microsoft, yet again:
Boies is not only very famous as being among the best antitrust lawyers, he is also famed for having given Microsoft a hard time once earlier too. Bill Gates and Boies had a quarrel during the case hearing which made headlines around the globe. He is also currently representing Oracle in a case against Microsoft.

And now, Boies is back to tackle Microsoft to save his client, Barnes and Nobles. In it’s case, Microsoft has leveled the allegations of patent violations against not only Barnes and Nobles but also against the manufacturers of the Android-based e-reader and the Nook tablet. Analysts have asserted that while this is not a very serious allegation, Microsoft may simply be trying to tone down the competition by resorting to such moves. And that Boies will be quick to pick that up in the court and then give Microsoft a tough time over it. However, Microsoft has a way of handling such cases and surely, Boies won’t be having a very level field of play to launch his attacks.

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