Geheimnis Nokia Event kommt im September

In der jüngeren Vergangenheit hat Nokia eine ganze Reihe von Lumia-Handys entwickelt. Jetzt bereitet sich das Unternehmen auf eine weitere Veranstaltung im September vor, obwohl die Art dieser Veranstaltung noch nicht klar ist. Einige haben spekuliert, dass das Unternehmen auf der Veranstaltung endlich ein Lumia-Tablet vorstellen könnte.

Nokia Lumia tablet

The news was first reported by WP Central which says that the event is scheduled on September 26 and 27. However, the site stops short of providing any other details about the upcoming event.

In the past, Nokia has expressed its deep interest in offering a tablet of its own. In view of that, it would seem that now would be a good time for the company to dish out a Lumia slate. Certain sources have reported in the past that such a tablet is being actively developed by Nokia and is already in the testing stage.

If these rumors are to be believed, the September event does make sense. This speculation is further reaffirmed by the fact that Nokia has recently launched a number of Lumia handsets, so it doesn’t make much sense for the company to launch yet another smartphone in September.

Either way, come September, we will be able to know for sure what exactly is the mystery announcement that Nokia is due to make at the event. If it turns out to be a Lumia tablet, that is sure to create quite a stir in the tablet market.

Höflichkeit: Tech-Radar

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