Apps: Wie sie die Welt eroberten [Infografik]

Mit dem explosiven Wachstum und der Popularität von Smartphones auf der ganzen Welt boomt auch die Branche für mobile Apps. In der Tat sind Apps für den Erfolg oder Misserfolg oder jede Smartphone-Aufstellung von großer Bedeutung. Eine neue Infografik, die unten veröffentlicht wird, zeigt, wie sich der Apps-Markt in letzter Zeit verändert hat.

Within one year, the sheer number of smartphones used around the world will exceed the number of humans we have in the world! These little, nifty devices have become an integral part of our lives that no one can deny.

Yet, the smartphones bank heavily on the apps for their success. We know that Apple is the most successful smartphone vendor with its iPhone lineup. One of the major reasons for that is simply because its App Store has a whopping 650,000 apps, making it the largest apps marketplace.

Android, although catching up fast with Apple’s success, is still ranked at the second place although half of the smartphones used in the U.S. are Android devices. The rapid success of Android has also been pinned on the fact that Google has been able to grow its apps market very quickly, currently standing at 600,000 apps.

Windows Phone, naturally, stands at the third place with a mere 100,000 apps, being a more recent contender in the arena. Because of the limited apps available for the platform, users generally don’t seem to be going for the Windows Phone devices.

Since Apple launched the App Store, some 30 billion apps have been downloaded from it, earning Apple enough to hand out a cool $5 billion to the developers over this time.

Between 2010 and 2011, the use of mobile apps has doubled. Majority of these mobile apps, 75% to be precise, are used simply for gaming or social media interactions. Interestingly, the rate at which the use of mobile apps is growing is not expected to slow down any time soon. The infographic is embedded below.

Apps: Programmed for Consumption

Apps: Programmed for Consumption

Quelle: OBDP

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