Neue Google-Studie zeigt, dass der größte Teil des Inhaltskonsums auf mehreren Bildschirmen stattfindet

Mit der wachsenden Beliebtheit von Smartphones und Tablets haben sich die Inhalte, die wir sehen, horizontaler verteilt. Vor nicht allzu langer Zeit haben wir den größten Teil unserer Inhalte entweder auf Computern oder im Fernsehen angesehen. Laut einer neuen Google-Studie wird der größte Teil des Inhalts auf vier Arten von Geräten angezeigt.

Online content consumption

These include tablets, smartphones, laptops and TVs. The study takes into consideration the content consumption habits of the U.S. users. According to it, the average time a user spends watching TV, per session, is 43 minutes. One a PC or a laptop, this number is reduced to 39 minutes and is further trimmed tot 30 minutes on a tablet.

Finally, the average length of a session on a smartphone is a mere 17 minutes. The different in the length of sessions across these different screens is quite significant. However, it clearly doesn’t depict which devices are most important in viewing digital content.

For instance, although smartphones have the smallest length of time spent by the users watching content per session, they still are the most preferred device when it comes to consuming digital content. Just ask yourself, what would you watch a YouTube video on: a TV or smartphone?

Interestingly, the study also reveals that most of the online tasks are initiated by the users on a smartphone. A majority of these tasks are then carried over to the PCs while a smaller chunk goes to the tablet. Again, this shows the critical position smartphones enjoy in the world of content consumption – they are the primary instigators and in turn, are also important for continued content consumption across other screens.

The study helps Google gauge trends and then devise strategies to effectively market its ads, the primary revenue stream for the company. You can read the entire report here.

Quelle: Google

Höflichkeit: Tech Crunch

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