Facebook ersetzt die Option "Alle ausblenden" im Newsfeed durch "Nicht mehr folgen".

Facebook currently provides an option with the posts in your News Feed. The ‘Hide all from XYZ’ option lets you block all posts from a specific page or person. The social network has now replaced it with ‘Unfollow.’

Facebook Hide All feature

Not everyone on Facebook is too interesting and every once in a while, there’s that person whose posts you don’t want in your News Feed, even when you wouldn’t unfriend him or her. The ‘Hide All From <The Boring Person>’ option essentially allows you to block all the posts from him without notifying him in any way.

You can access the option simply by clicking the arrow on the top right corner of every post. The only change that Facebook has now made is reword the option to simply ‘Unfollow.’ However, this is different from the unfollow option you may get while following another person’s profile on Facebook. The new ‘Unfollow’ option simply lets you perform the same task as the Hide All option.

The change is an attempt by Facebook to make News Feed options clearer for the users, as is asserted in an official statement from Facebook which says, “The goal of this change is to help people curate their News Feed and see more of the content that they care about.”

The company aims to roll out the Unfollow feature to desktop users within the next few weeks. The Android und iOS users of Facebook will have to wait for a few months before the company updates its mobile apps.

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