Iran wird vom Web abgeschnitten, um wertvolle nationale Geheimdienste zu sichern

After being hit by a series of hacking attempts and infected by the much publicized Stuxnet, Flame, and AC/DC ‘Thunderdtruck’ viruses over the last couple of months, the state of Iran has decided to cut off its important state bodies from the internet. Key ministers and bodies of the state of Iran will be now connected to a domestic intranet that can only be accessed from within the national border. The new move is targeted to secure confidential national intelligence from prying eyes of foreign nations.

The move to replace the web with domestic intranet was announced earlier this year. It was reported in operational in 18 months. However, the recent development suggests, at least a portion of the network will go into operation much faster, as early as September, this year.

The Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology Reza Taqipour believes, “The establishment of the national intelligence network will create a situation where the precious intelligence of the country won’t be accessible to these powers.” The world wide web has turned too “untrustworthy.”

If the domestic intranet for state bodies takes off, replacing the web, then Iran would be second nation to deploy such a network, after North Korea. The communist regime of North Korea authorizes only a limited number of government officials to access the world wide web, while covering the rest of the population under a domestic intranet.

Quelle: RT

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