[Video] Die NASA enthüllt, wie der Mars vor 4 Milliarden Jahren aussah

Seitdem Neugierde landed on Mars, the deep mystery of the red planet which had been buried for long time, started to come to light. In continuation to Mars revelation, lately NASAs Goddard Conceptual Image Lab has revealed how Mars looked like 4-billion years ago.

4 Billion Years Ago Mars

If a planet contains water, that bears the sign that it may capable to support life. At present, Mars is a cold and barren desert world, with no apparent sign of life. But for long time, many researchers have been believing that once upon a time Mars had supported life. The speculation might not be false as NASA has said that it has fand einen starken Beweis that Mars could have supported life in distant past. That’s not all. The agency’s Ein anderer Rover hat auf dem Mars Trinkwasser gefunden. These hints force to think that Mars has or once upon a time had water. And hence, as of now, Mars has become more mysterious to all.

Doesn’t matter what is truth or false, but the speculation about Mars is not stopped. Goddard Conceptual Image Lab of NASA continued to speculate Mars based on the real facts of Mars that NASA has received until now from its two rovers, Opportunity and Curiosity. According to Goddard Conceptual Image Lab, 4 billion years ago Mars looked just like Erde. The climate of Mars, for billion years ago, was warm and wet. There was lakes with full of water and the water used to flow into the craters. The sky was blue too like the Earth’s sky.

Goddard Conceptual Image Lab has made and published a video regarding what Mars may have looked like if its atmosphere allowed for water. According to NASA, the video is “one of the most complex animations ever produced” by its Conceptual Image Lab. Here’s the video.

I’m quite sure that you would agree with me that the video indicates that if liquid surface water existed in the past, then Mars’ atmosphere had to have a different climate.

Quelle: NASA
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