Apple plant den Bau eines dritten Unternehmenscampus

MercuryNews reports that Apple has told Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong that plans are underway for a third corporate campus and it appears that the company has acknowledged that even that mammoth 13,000-employee complex probably won’t be sufficient and that it will likely begin planning on a third campus once Apple Campus 2 is up and running in 2015. Apple’s planning documents filed with the city show its new office is now expected to be busier than first thought and the 176-acre campus is set to house up to 13,000 employees or 1,000 more than Jobs first suggested when he publicly unveiled the plans in June……………..

While planning continues ahead of approval and construction of Apfel‘s headquarters reboot, rumor has it that company executives are already considering yet another major campus in its home town and with the inaugural hearing discussing plans for Apfelist neu Cupertino-based Spaceship campus scheduled for tonight, the city’s mayor Gilbert Wong has understandably been thrust into the spotlight over what the world’s largest technology company has planned in the near future. Wong, speaking with Mercury News, already refers to Apfel’s new campus as Apple 2, noting that he thinks it makes sense to call it Apple 2. This building is probably going to have much more innovative technologies and products than what they have at their first campus. The mayor then offers up a very interesting piece of information, suggesting that Apfel will not limit its expansion once it has finished construction of its new Raumschiff-Campus:

Wong said Apple executives have told him the company is expanding so fast that it expects to start working on Apple Campus 3 at an unknown location after they finish the second headquarters in 2015.


Apfel’s new 176-acre campus will could become home to around 13,000 employees, 1,000 more than Steve Jobs suggested when he first detailed Apfel’s plans in June. It will incorporate a 25,000 square-foot fitness centre, a 1,000-seat auditorium, a striking cafe and nearly 11,000 parking spaces. Five research buildings will also be build on the grounds. Thursday’s meeting will look at how Apfel’s new project will affect the local area, analysing increases traffic and vehicles in the area, looking into the removal of trees, buying a piece of road that encroaches onto the property and demolishing it, and requesting the re-zoning of specific areas.


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