DrinkSavvy macht eine Dattel-Vergewaltigungs-Drogendetektions-Tasse, die bald kommt

Remember we reported DrinkSavvy war developing a cup that would be able to detect drug-mixed drink? At then DrinkSavvy said that this special cup would prevent girls from possibly being the victim of drug-facilitated sexual assault. After long effort, DrinkSavvy has made that cup (prototype).

Drug Detecting Cup By DrinkSavvy

It’s really tragic that sometimes girls after having a small drink, unexpectedly get out of control and some evil minded guys take the advantage of that situation and assault (rape) them. The incidence of ‘not in control’ usually happens when something (drugs, tablet etc) is mixed in that drink. Keeping that in mind, DrinkSavvy (TM) founder Mike Abramsono, in collaboration with Dr. John MacDonald and Contract Researching Organizations, decided to make such cup that would be able to detect drug-mixed drink.

The specialty of this cup is if any drug especially ‘Datteldrogen “(GHB, Ketamin, Rohypnol) that become odorless, colorless, and tasteless when mixed into a drink, the color of the drink will be changed to red immediately. The drug-mixed drink can also be detected through Plastic Straws and Stirrers, Plastic Party Cups and Glassware.

International crowd funding site Indiegogo has provided DrinkSavvy $50,000 to materialize the project. Now, the company is preparing to ship its first batch of drug-detecting plastic cups and straws.

Abramson is very much optimistic that rape crisis centers and college campuses will adopt DrinkSavvy products for the safety of girls.

Quelle: DrinkSavvy

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