Tesla stellt ehemaligen Apple-Vizepräsidenten ein, um bei neuen Autos die Führung zu übernehmen

When it comes to the automotive industry, Tesla isn’t exactly a huge name given the rather limited reach of EV cars. The company is, however, known as a leader in automotive innovation. Tesla has now hired former Apfel VP to work on new and more affordable EV cars.

Doug Field

Doug Field, the new Tesla hire, has an impressive resume. He started his career at Ford and eventually came to work for Segway in the position of CTO. Later in 2008, Field joined Apple and until recently, he was working as the VP of Mac Hardware Engineering at the company.

It is interesting to note that someone at such a senior position as VP at Apple would leave the job to work for Tesla. Commending Field, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had this to say, “Doug has demonstrated the leadership and technical talent to develop and deliver outstanding products, including what are widely considered the best computers in the world.”

In the same breathe, Musk revealed exactly what will be Field’s work at Tesla, “Tesla’s future depends on engineers who can create the most innovative, technologically advanced vehicles in the world. Doug’s experience in both consumer electronics and traditional automotive makes him an important addition to our leadership team.”

Field also expressed his thoughts at having joined Tesla. According to him, his personal passion for developing innovative, cutting-edge cars is what persuaded him to leave Apple and join Tesla. He has been hired at a time when Musk is gearing up to trim down the costs of EV cars and make them more accessible to the common public. While that goal will take another few years to come to fruition, Field will probably be working on it with Musk.

Quelle: Tesla

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