Neues brillenfreies 3D-Mobildisplay von Toshiba

Toshiba comes with such technology without the use of stereoscopic glasses and they increases new glasses-free 3D display tilts images and viewing angles your way.The new Glasses-free 3D new glasses-free 3D display tilts images and viewing angles your way………

At the 3D Expo 2010, Toshiba Mobile Display exhibited the prototype Hands On 3D Display System which is currently being developed, expands the 3D viewing range of naked-eye 3D displays, by using visual field tracking technology. The prototype enables users to experience the extent of the 3D viewing range, by tilting a handheld 3D display. It also enables all-round 3D images to be displayed, depending on the viewing position, so users can see the sides and back of 3D objects.

“Naked-eye 3D displays have started to become widespread. But one of the current issues with naked-eye 3D displays is that their viewing range can be a bit narrow. In other words, if you move your head slightly away from the center of the display, you don’t see proper 3D. So here, we assume that when a handheld 3D display is tilted, the viewer’s head is always perpendicular to it. By continually turning the normal viewing range of the display towards the user’s head, we increase the viewing range virtually, by a factor of three. In other words, we’ve developed technology that increases the viewing angle from about 30 degrees to about 90 degrees.”

Tilting of the display is detected by a six-axis acceleration sensor.The position of the viewer’s head is estimated from the tilt data to determine the viewing position.Software processing is used to tilt the viewing angle to within the range for proper 3D viewing broadening the field of view.

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