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ARIA Waterproof Earbuds With Bluetooth 5 And 32h Battery

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ARIA Earbuds is a new Bluetooth earphone system comes with Bluetooth 5 with 32-hour battery and world’s most advanced Wireless Waterproof Earbuds. This earbud is under project xFyro Audio and named “xFyro ARIA Waterproof Earbuds“.

What About xFyro?

xFyro is a company that was founded by a group of audio engineers and musicians in Los Angeles. Their goal is to create quality products with advanced state-of-the-art technology system. They are making just like advanced earphone system. All come with new technology.

Design and Protection

The most attracting thing is the design. It looks more suitable because of its ergonomic design as it gets cool shape and more comfortable in the ear. So it can fit all type of ear very easily. It is certified IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. So you don’t need to worry about swimming with ARIA earbuds.

Bluetooth 5 and Battery

ARIA earbuds have the most advanced wireless system with Bluetooth 5. Bluetooth 5 works faster than the older one. It gives faster literacy between phone and earbuds. On the other side, Bluetooth 5 uses low energy so that you can get good battery life.

ARIA earbuds come with 32 hour battery life with charging case. It gives you 8 hours of listening time with one charge and 3 hours of listening time with a 15-minute quick charge. So battery seems very nice and smart.

Google Assistant And Siri

ARIA earbuds support Google Assistant And as well as Siri. So you are getting extra features like changing the songs or adjust volume and many other things.


ARIA earbud has the auto-pairing system. So, you don’t need to manually connect it to phone again and again. When you take this from changing case, the earbuds will connect to your phone automatically.

Sound Quality

There is no doubt that ARIA earbuds will give you the best sound system. It comes with HD sound with Noise Cancellation system. Because of Bluetooth 5, you are getting a better quality of sound.


The price is about $109. To buy this product go here.

So now you tell us if you like this product and do you think it is worth buying? Let us know in the comment section.

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