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Control Your Smart Home Devices With Your Gesture​

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Welle introduces a new way of controlling your Smart Home Appliances. Moreover, this technology makes it possible to turn up the volume from a remote location by making a simple clockwise movement on your table.

Speaker Control

What purposes can you use this device for? Let’s start by something fancy. Imagine you are sitting with your friends in your living room, and your favorite song is next on the playlist. You want to turn up the volume of your speaker but don’t want to get off your seat to do so. What do you do? How about running your fingers clockwise on your table in order to do so. Sounds too sci-fi doesn’t it? Well no matter how impossible it sounds, you can do the exact same thing using Welle. Just specify a surface and set a gesture. And every time you create that gesture over the surface Welle will communicate to your spear that you want to turn up the volume.

TV Control

This time imagine you have friends over to watch an important Football game. You are sitting with your friends and you get an urgent call. You need to pick it but don’t want to get up and look for the remote, neither can you ignore the call. So what do you do? You can set Welle to respond to a tap on your table by switching off the TV. A tap again on the table, and Welle will turn the TV back on again.

Light Control

Imagine you are sitting with your friends again and this time you are watching a movie. You want your friends to get a full Movie Theater felling. The most subtle way you can accomplish this is by switching off the lights. But again you don’t want to get up as you are too comfortable o your sofa. A simple gesture as swipe right and left can be used to communicate to Welle that you want to turn off the lights.

Simple gestures can be used to accomplish complex tasks or mere mundane ones like turning up the volume from a remote location. Apart from simple tap and swipe up-downs Welle also supports directional gestures, rotational gestures and alphabetic gestures.

Turn Any Surface Into A Remote

With Welle, you can turn any solid surface into a remote. Welle uses Sonar Technology that emits pulses and collects data on the reflected lights. The data on the reflected lights is then communicated as different instructions to different IoT devices.

Wrapping Up

Welle can be used to get the best Home and Office experience. Apart from Speaker, TV and Light control Welle can be used to control your home thermostats, Smart locks and Coffee machines. How cool is that? What other devices would Welle’s gesture-control complement? Do let us know about your thoughts on the matter.

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Akash Kumar Biswas

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