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iBand: EEG Headband That Helps You Sleep & Dream!

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Lucid Dream is a special form of a dream. It only happens when we reach the REM phase of sleep. In this phase, anything you see and feel is no less than reality itself. Just imagine how great it would be if you knew you were dreaming and didn’t hold back to explore your dream world. But no worries, as now we have iBand to experience our lucid dreams in more depth.


How the Band Works

Once you go to sleep after a tiring day at work while having put on iBand, as you sleep the band does it work. It gathers information about your sleeping patterns. It keeps track of your Brain Waves while your are sleeping. Moreover, it also measure your body movements, heartbeat and body temperature. After it has collected all these data, it sends them to your Smartphone via Bluetooth.

Now you have to understand that iBand is not only a sleep tracking device, it also helps you with three other things.

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  • Induce lucid dreams
  • Help you fall asleep easily
  • Wake up naturally

iBand helps with Lucid Dreaming

iBand helps you to get lucid dreams by sending audiovisual stimuli. It does so by using the RGB LEDs packed on its headband and iBand+ pillow speakers. Now before we talk about how iBand helps with Lucid Dreams, lets talk a little about REM sleep phase.

REM is a special sleep phase where we experience dreams. We don’t dream in any other dream phase. In the REM phase, our body is the most disconnected from our body. Moreover, in this phase, our body muscles lose the capability to move. This is why we don’t act out in our dreams.

Now that we know what REM is, lets see how iBand helps to achieve deeper REMs. iBand starts off by analyzing your Brain Waves and Body Vitals to identify the very moment you slip into the REM phase. After iBand has identified that you are in the REM phase, it plays different audio visual cues. It sends visual stimuli by using the LEDs mounted on the Headband and sends audio cues by using the pillow speakers. These cues appear as anomalies in your dream, thus notifying you that you are indeed in your dream. And once you know that you are dreaming, you can let go of your fears and explore your dream world.

Wrapping Up!

We believe this gadget is a very advanced one. But we have no doubt about its usability. Just imagine you dream a world where you are Spider-man, and just when you feel scared to make a long jump to the next building, iBand tells you you are dreaming and you should not be afraid at all to explore your Spider-man skills to the fullest.

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