GamePark’s GP2X Caanoo

The Gp2x family is getting a new member this Summer the Gp2X Caanoo.Optimized for wireless gaming and application the Caanoo is another leap from the current Wiz system, taking open source handhelds to a new level……

I got the chance to play this fighting game by the developer, Byulbram, on GPH’s handheld, Caanoo. The device fitted perfectly in my hands and the controls response was dead on. As you may have noticed, there’s a port to place a Wifi stick, so you could verse others. As you may or may not know, this is the same company that brought us the GP2X WIZ, which STILL is an awesome handheld that has been overshadowed by the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. The game that I tried out on it was this fighting game by Byulbram, a South Korean developer. The flow of the animation and setting off combos was amazing! The dev put in a lot of work in order to make this masterpiece of a handheld fighting game.

While we’re not sure just how we missed it, it seems GamePark was at E3 2010 in force, with a brand-new Linux gaming portable called the Caanoo. Though it’s got the same 533MHz ARM9 processor as its wizardly predecessor, GamePark’s doubled the memory to 128MB, and added a dedicated 3D GPU to power the larger 3.5-inch touchscreen. Throwback Sega-like buttons and a joystick take the place of those touchy D-pads, and there’s new accelerometer and vibration functions for a modicum of enhanced control.

Also, you can read your e-books, listen to music, and watch a variety of movies on the Caanoo. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket and the WiFi reception is broad range, and I expect that the price isn’t as damaging as the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP.

When you’re not loading open-source games, the system supports the usual array of photos and music as well as DivX, XviD and MPEG4 videos, and the company claims an official SDK and app store are on the way if you want to roll additional software yourself. Shame you’ll have to use a WiFi dongle to download anything. The company expects to ship August 15 for $150 to importers like Play-Asia, making it viable competition for the lumbering Pandora.


1.Color: black/blue.
2.Powered by an ARM9 533MHz + 3D GPU.
3.2 gigabyte flash memory.
4.128MB ram.
5.SD/SDHC card supported.
6.OS: Linux.
7.Vibration Motor / G-Sensor.
8.146(w) x 70(h) x 18.5(d)mm.