Surc Two-In-One iPhone 4 Case And IR Universal Remote

Mashed Pixel’s Surc combination of iPhone 4 case finally ready to take on the challenge of making Apple’s slab a universal remote, now ready for shipping at $74.95. That’s pricier than the RedEye Mini Dongle but cheaper than the Peel receiver, and it does pull double duty as a protector.

The built in MicroUSB hookup and included cable means it can stay on even while charging before jumping into action when the companion app is opened on the phone. It can be controlled via buttons, gestures or motion control, with plenty of programmability built in. The only downside we can find is that this is definitely a goner whenever you upgrade to Steve’s next iThing, and it means leaving the sweet, potentially reception-improving case you already picked out behind. Checkout some screenshorts bellow.

Item 2

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