Windows Phone 7 Update ‘Brick’ Samsung Phones[How To Fix It]

Some Samsung Windows Phone 7 owners found themselves stuck with ‘bricked’ phones after installing the latest Windows Phone update, according to WP central. The software giant said on Tuesday that it is “aware” of the issues and is “looking into” recent reports of “bricked” devices. The issues stem from a Windows Phone 7 operating system update issued on Monday. The update, more of a patch, was ironically pushed to improve the platform update process. Microsoft is preparing to issue its first major platform update, codenamed “NoDo”, in early March.

A Microsoft spokesperson had the following comment:

“In response to this emerging issue, we have temporarily taken down the latest software update for Samsung phones in order to correct the issue.”

No timescale for a revised update has been given other than it will be available “as soon as possible.”

The problem as reported seemed to occur at stage 6 of 10 of the update process, and seems to be restricted to Samsung handsets with certain firmware configurations. Affected handsets caused Zune software to display the following error:


An error prevented the restoration of your phone to its previous version.

Your phone can’t be used in its present condition and there are no restore points for it on this computer. The phone might restart and return to normal if you disconnect it. For further assistance, contact your mobile operator.


To prevent further problems Microsoft has temporarily halted distribution of the update to all Samsung WP7 handsets.

If you’re one of those affected, here’s a possible fix for those with bricked handsets:

* Unplug the handset from the computer and place on charge.
* Turn handset off.
* Turn handset back on holding Power + Camera + Volume Down buttons.
* Hold buttons for 15 seconds. Continue to hold if asked if you want to format SD card. Keep holding the three buttons until handset enters ‘Download mode’ which will reinstall the OS.
* If handset doesn’t reboot within 15 minutes, switch it off and on.
* Handset should be ready to set up again.

In the meantime, if you do find yourself in this predicament during the update process, Microsoft recommends disconnecting your device, pulling the battery and putting it back in to reboot the phone. If this fails, owners will need to contact their respective carriers.

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