Samsung’s SyncMaster 2233RZ Named Official Monitor for WCG 2010

The World Cyber Games (WCG) is an international e-sports event (or “Cyber Games Festival”) operated by Korean company World Cyber Games Inc. and backed by Samsung and, since 2006, Microsoft.The official motto of WCG is “Beyond the Game”, which is also the title of a documentary focusing on a legendary WCG rivalry.

The annual World Cyber Games (WCG) tournament has announced that Samsung’s SyncMaster 2233RZ will be the official monitor for WCG 2010 tournament that will run from September 30 to October 3 at Los Angeles Convention Center in California.

Samsung SyncMaster will support the world’s largest gathering of competitive gamers by providing SyncMaster 2233RZ monitors for more than 500 gamers from around the globe as they compete for a chance to claim prizes, cash and bragging rights as the best in the world. The announcement continues the decade-long partnership between World Cyber Games and Samsung SyncMaster.

“Samsung is a world leader in display technology. The innovative technology on display at the WCG highlights our commitment to designing products that both consumers and gamers will love,” said JinHwan Kim, vice president, sales and marketing, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “We’ve listened to feedback and watched how gamers interact with the SyncMaster line, leading us to add new features like 3-D that will bring a new level of realism to gaming. From ultra-portable pico projectors to LED-backlit commercial display screens which both save energy and have a smaller environmental impact, Samsung continues to develop display products that lead the way in both design and features.”

“Samsung SyncMaster continues to enhance the World Cyber Games level of play by supplying the most advanced visual environment for nearly a decade,” said Hyoung-Seok Kim, CEO of World Cyber Games. “We’re proud to provide gamers with the ultimate visual experience in partnership with Samsung.”

The Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ supports true 120hz with both 2D and 3D, pulling gamers into the virtual environment with exceptionally realistic detail. Competitors at the WCG 2010 Grand Final compete in an atmosphere of intense energy and concentration, and the SyncMaster monitors will match their skill and agility with advanced performance and visual clarity. With true 120hz support, SyncMaster monitors eliminate image trailing to deliver the split second response crucial for the fastest gamers in the world. Combined with a pair of 3D glasses and supporting graphics card, the displays can transform computer games into a full 60 frame stereoscopic 3D experience. All matches at the event will be displayed on 22-inch wide SyncMaster 2233RZ monitors, which reach a HD resolution of 1680 x 1050.

The WCG winner will take away $100,000 as cash prize and SyncMaster MD230X6, AMD Eyefinity-enabled monitor consisting of six 23-inch monitors.

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