iUsers For iPad Creates Multiple Accounts

iUsers frees your iPad of monogamy, enables multiple user profiles and adds a user login button to the iPad’s lock screen. The tweak segregates application data and preferences between users, meaning that user A’s Angry Birds score won’t muddle and mix with User B’s perfect three-star rating and it’s  a jailbreak only mod, but still a neat feature we’d love to see implemented in future versions of iOS……………


iUsers is a new addition that enables an iPad to have multiple user accounts, which is a new jailbreak tweak  potential to add some great functionality to your iPad. Just like your home computer, the new iPad tweak allows you to create multiple user profiles to keep your information separate and this is a great tool for families who need to share their device. If your iPad is jailbroken and you have more than one user in the house, now every user can have their very own accounts. Sensitive content like passwords and emails can now be kept safe, even between household members. This new tweak will allow parents to hand the iPad over to the kids without risking losing sensitive data or accessing forbidden content.  Every user will be able to have a separate account, with separate home screens, unique apps, and their own log in information. While the iPad does need to reboot when switching accounts, it’s not a long process and seems worth it for this extremely useful add-on. Multiple accounts is a function that iOS users have been desiring nearly since the introduction of the iPhone and the iPad, however, Apple seems to be of the opinion that every user in the household should simply have their own iDevice, rather than sharing them among family members. This new app is something that will be amazingly useful for households with a single iPad and the caveat is that this is only for jailbroken iPads, and will not be available to most users.



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